Carrier High Wall Split-Type AC Error Codes

The electronic printed circuit board in the indoor unit is equipped with smart self diagnostic function which automatically stops the operation of the air conditioner in case of a malfunction.

– Self-diagnostic function is the key for success of air conditioner operation.
– The printed circuit boards existing inside the indoor unit are equipped with self-diagnostic function to detect malfunction and automatically stops the operation at the air conditioner.
– Once a malfunction is detected, the lamps of the indoor unit be as per the below tables :

Error Code: E1 

Malfunction Reason: Electronic Control PCB· ( EEROM defect )

Error Code: E2

Malfunction Reason: Zero-crossing signal detection error

Error Code: E3

Malfunction Reason: Indoor Fan speed out of control

Error Code: E5 

Malfunction Reason: Return Air Sensor (open circuit or short circuit)

Error Code: E6 

Malfunction Reason: Indoor Coil Sensor ( open circuit or short circuit )

Error Code: E7 

Malfunction Reason: Outdoor Coil Sensor ( open circuit or short circuit )

Error Code: EC 

Malfunction Reason: Refrigerant leak


1- Prior to the malfunction repair, disconnect the electrical mains supply by moving the circuit breaker to OFF position.
2- After repairing the malfunction:
2-1 connect the electrical main supply by moving the circuit breaker to ON position
2-2 operate the air conditioner by using the wireless remote control.

3 Responses to Carrier High Wall Split-Type AC Error Codes

  1. Mustafa says:

    It’s appare in first 10 second when turn on

  2. ali ahmadi says:

    dear sir
    have a pldeasant day
    im a chief engineer of tanker.
    in my cabin one complete set of split Ac has been installed which not working.
    the course of action to distiguish of problem has carried out and found that
    cooling efficiency is less and system will stop suddenly and error code EC will appear on display unit.
    your vauable adivce in this regards highly appreciated in advance.
    herewith detailed type of unit as follows for your kind preusal:
    outdoor unit:38qcf024333
    indoor unit:42qcf024333

  3. Mukesh Choudhary says:

    my carrier novellao model display nF what it mean
    and after service it continue showing CL why it

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