Cool Living Portable AC Error Codes

Please check the unit and suggestions below before asking for professional service, but never dismantle or repair the unit by yourself, it may cause harm to you and your property

LED displays error code “E1”

Tube temperature sensor failure – Check the tube temperature sensor and related circuits

LED displays error code “E2”
Room temperature sensor failure – Check the room temperature sensor and related circuits

LED displays error code “E4”

Anti-freeze protection – Restore the functions automatically once anti-freeze protection is over.

The unit fails to start up 

Power supply failure – Connect the unit to a live socket and turn it on.

Water-full and its indicator lighting up – Drain the water stored in the unit

Ambient temperature too low or too high – It is recommended to use this unit between 10-35℃(50-95℉.)

The room temperature is lower than the set temperature in cooling mode. – Change the set temperature


Water-full indicator lights

The water in chassis is full – Drain the water and re-start the unit

High noise level
The unit is being placed at uneven surface. – Put the unit at a flat and firm place (may reduce noise)

The compressor does not work
Initiation of overheat protection. – Wait until the temperature decrease, the unit will re-start automatically

The remote control does not work

Bring the remote control close to the air-conditioner and ensure airs at signal receptor on unit.

Bad cooling effects

There is direct sunlight – Close the curtain

The doors and windows are open, the room is crowded or there are other heat sources – Close the door and window, remove other heat sources, and add new air-conditioners

Dirty filter – Clean or replace the filter.

Air inlet or air outlet clogged – Remove the obstruction

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