Haier Cassette AC Error Codes

The remote receiver can indicate the failure code

Haier Cassette AC Error Codes

Haier Cassette AC Error Codes

Safety Instructions and Warnings

Before starting the air conditioner, read the information given in the User’s Guide carefully.

The User’s Guide contains very important observations relating to the assembly, operation and maintenance of the air conditioner.

The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any damages that may arise due to non-observation of the following instruction.

Haier Cassette AC MANUAL PDF

3 Responses to Haier Cassette AC Error Codes

  1. nasir madki says:

    iwant to no how to check haier cassette air conditioner error codes on remote hand set

    • Salvador Manjate says:

      I am refrigeration technician and I am working in some Hair cassette air conditioning. It is not working and is blinking 7 times and stops running.
      How can I resolve this problem.

  2. Munirajulu srinivasulu says:

    Haier company ac no start in all system what is the problem please help me

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