Haier Window Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

Abnormity Diagnose

1. Sensor diagnose: 2 seconds after the sensors open circuit or short  circuit, the unit will turn off automatically and the LED will show E0 until  the sensors resume.
2. Keystroke circuit error diagnose: When power on for the first time, the  PCB will check the keystroke circuit, if the sampling value is different with  the theory value, the LED will show E1, which means failed keystroke circuit. The keyboard is locked and so invalid, but the remote control is working normally.

Maintenance Service and Trouble Shooting

If air conditioner does not operate:
●Check if unit is plugged in.The plug may have come loose.
●Check if the unit is in “off” mode.
●The fan control may be in “off” position.

Air from air conditioner is warm:
●The A/C setting may need to be raised.
●The temperature outside the room is below 65°F。The conpressor will not
cycle on if the temperature outside is below 65°F.

Ice formation on cooling coils:
●Outside temperature too cold .Set the unit on fan only setting to defrose ice.
●Lower temperature setting.Temperature setting may be too cold.
●Unit BTU may be too high for the room

Haier WindowType Air Conditioner Manual PDF

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