Intesis Box Mitsubishi Electric AC Error Codes

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners (Domestic & Mr.Slim lines)

İntesis Box Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners Error Codes

İntesis Box Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners Error Codes


This integration requires the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi AC system be equipped with the Mitsubishi Electric G-50A, GB-50A or AG-150A gateway. This gateway from Mitsubishi Electric offers the signals of the City Multi AC system through XML protocol. Every G50 (G-50A, GB-50A or AG-150A) allows access to the signals of up to 50 A.C. indoor units and 50 groups of indoor units, no matter the number of outdoor units installed. In the G50, the group is the control unit, every group can have from 1 to 16 associated indoor units. This integration monitors and control groups, not indoor units, although if only one indoor unit is associated to each group then you can monitor and control indoor units individually. This G50 gateway is supplied by Mitsubishi Electric. Contact your nearest Mitsubishi Electric distributor for details


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