LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner Error Codes

Teach the customer the operation and maintenance procedures, using the operation manual (air filter cleaning, temperature control, etc.).

Floor Standing Air Conditioner
SVC MANUAL(Exploded View)
MODEL : LF300CP(LP-C303R20)

If Error Code happens in the display of indoor.

C0 – Indoor Air Sensor Open or Short

C1 – Indoor Pipe Sensor Open or Short

C3 – Outdoor Air Sensor Open or Short

C4 – Outdoor Pipe Sensor Open or Short

 Checking Point

1.Check Sensor Connection to PCB whether it’s connected well or not.
2.Replace it with new Sensor.

C5 – Communication failure between Indoor and outdoor unit.

 Checking Point

1.Check connecting cable wiring order between Indoor and outdoor diagram.
2.Check all wire connector whether it is connected or not.
3.Indoor AC PCB defects.(short inside).
4.Outdoor PCB defects.(short inside)

LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner MANUAL

8 Responses to LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Mohammed alam says:

    It is very helpful

  2. Anish says:

    LG A C Error VB codes

  3. morad says:

    I need to know what are the error code of arcelik floor standing air conditioner
    Model no. : AFSU 480 / AFSU 481 mead in Turkey

  4. jferdinand adena says:

    I have my LG floor standing inverter type. I have an error ch. 41 in the display. and the out door unit not working at all. but indoor unit its working with this display of ch.41

  5. antonio matias says:

    The evaporator unit works but the condenser unit is not. What are the possible causes and what to do? LG Floor Standing….

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