Onida Multi Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

When the controller displays malfunction, please turn off the unit to stop the malfunction display, ask for the professional to debug.

The meaning of error codes as shown in below:

E1 High pressure protection of compressor
E2 Indoor anti-frozen protection
E3 Low pressure protection of compressor
E4 Discharge temp. protection of compressor
E5 Compressor overload protection
E6 Transmit malfunction
E7 Modes conflict
F0 Indoor environment temp. sensor mal-function
F1 Indoor pan tube inlet tube temp. sensor malfunction
F2 Indoor pan tube middle temp. sensor malfunction
F3 Indoor pane tube outlet tube temp. sensor malfunction
F4 Outdoor environment temp. sensor mal-function
F5 Outdoor pan tube inlet tube temp. sensor malfunction
F6 Outdoor pan tube middle temp. sensor malfunction
F7 Outdoor pan tube outlet tube temp. sensor malfunction
F8 Discharge temp. sensor 1 (rated frequency) malfunction
F9 Discharge temp. sensor 2 (digital) malfunction
FA Greasy temp. temp. sensor 1 (rated frequency) malfunction
Fb Greasy temp. temp. sensor 2 (digital) malfunction
FC High pressure sensor malfunction
Fd Low pressure sensor malfunction

Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting


 Onida Multi Split Air Conditioner Manual PDF

7 Responses to Onida Multi Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. dr subrata mukherjee says:

    My 1.5 ton inverter split Ac is not starting and gives error code u 6

  2. syed mannan says:

    I have a problem in Onida split ac 1.5 ton . It shows H6 in yhe display what will be the problem pls let me know

  3. Muralidhar Polavarapu says:

    what is h6 error code ? my 1.5 ton giving trouble since 7 years of purchase. i hv changed 2 time double boost stabilizers. who is the right service agent in chennai ? Muralidhar +91 98843 19857

  4. Sarerao kapre says:

    Split ac more information

  5. suhas gurav says:

    onide a/c error f1
    way f1

  6. Me.Khalid says:

    Oneida split ac 1.5 ton f3

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