Sanyo Split Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

If your air conditioner does not work properly, first check the following points before requesting service.
If it still does not work properly, contact your dealer or service center.


Air conditioner does not run at all.

Possible Cause

1. Power failure

2. Leakage breaker tripped.

3. Line voltage is too low.

4. ON/OFF operation button is OFF.

5. Batteries in remote control unit have run down.


1. Restore power

2. Contact service center

3. Consult with electrician or dealer.

4. Press the button again.

5. Replace batteries.


Compressor runs but soon stops

Possible Cause

1. Obstruction in front of condenser coil.


1. Remove obstruction.


Poor cooling performance.

Possible Cause

1. Dirty or clogged air filter.

2. Heat source (cooker, heater, or electrical appliance) or many people in room.

3. Doors and/or windows are open.

4. Obstacle near air intake or air discharge port.

5. Thermostat is set too high.


1. Clean the air filter to improve the air flow.

2. Eliminate heat source if possible.

3. Shut them to keep the heat out.

4. Remove it to ensure good air flow.

5. Set the temperature lower.

4 Responses to Sanyo Split Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

  1. Ricky Teo says:

    Indoor unit fan speed cannot be change.
    temp drop till 28degree and stop dropping .

  2. louıs laspata says:

    ıs there a tech who can look at my sanyo splıt system that doesn’t come on. the ınsıde wall unıt comes on but the condenser doesn’t work.

  3. Amy says:

    my sanyo ceılıng aır con rcs-gs(w)-1 keeps swıtchıng on by ıtself from tıme to tıme even after ı swıtch ıt off a lot of tımes. does anybody know what ıs the cause for thıs and h]ow do ı fıx ıt. just to note that no tımer ıs set at al. and even the settıngs on the remote shows the tımer programme ıs off.

  4. kaita says:

    The indoor fan works a few seconds and turns off after. The operation light start blingking

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