Toyotomi Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes

SYMPTOM:  Unit does not work.CAUSE: Power cut. – The plug has been plugged improperly. – The full-tank indicator is ON. Tank is full.

SOLUTION: Wait for power to be supplied again. – Plug in again. – Remove the drain water from the drain tank.

SYMPTOM Unit suddenly stops during in operation.

CAUSE The indoor temperature has reached the set temperature level. – The preset time is up. – The full-tank indicator is ON. Tank is full.

SOLUTION Reset the temperature level. – Reset the timer. – Remove the drain water from the drain tank.

SYMPTOM Unit runs intermittently

CAUSE Malfunction – Surrounding temperature is too high or too low. – Exhaust duct hose is blocked.

SOLUTION Contact your dealer. – Check the duct hose.

SYMPTOM Unit functions but the room is not cooled.

CAUSE Window or door is left open in the room. – There is heat source in the room or too many of people in it. – Air intake grille is clogged. – Filter is too dirty. – Temperature setting is too high.

SOLUTION Close all windows and door. – Move out any heat source in the room. – Clean the air intake grille. – Replace the filter. – Lower the temperature setting.

SYMPTOM Condensed water is spilled out when moving the unit.

CAUSE The tank is nearly full.

SOLUTION Remove the drain plug on the rear bottom of the unit, drain off the water then the unit will be in operation automatically.


The following are not defects

A hissing noise or hollow sound :This sound is generated from the refrigerant flowing within pipes.

A squeaking noise : This noise is generated from the unit when it is expands or contracts with temperature changes.

Odor :Such odor as tobacco, cosmetics, or foods may accumulate in the unit.

The unit does not start nor change operation mode immediately :To prevent overloading the compressor motor, the unit will be stopped for more than 3 minutes.




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  1. Kimonas Pavlou says:

    Hi.I have a toyotomi ccti120a.Indoor unit doesn’t operating. 6 flash of indicated lamp. What happens?

    Thank u.

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