Vivax Air Conditioner Error Codes

Split Air Conditioner-Residential Air Conditioners

C5:Malfunction of connector jumper: Check if the connector jumper contacts properly. If the PCB is to be replaced, please take off the old for the new PCB.

F1:Malfunction of indoor ambient temperature sensor :Check if indoor room temperature sensor is connected properly.

F2:Malfunction of evaporator temperature sensor :Check if the evaporator temperature is connected properly.

H6: indoor fan block:Check if the terminal of the indoor motor is connected properly./Replace the fan motor or the indoor board if disabled.

H1:Defrosting: It is normal.

Buttons on the cover is unavailable or insensitive:Please check whether the cover is closed completely

Moisture on air outlet : If the unit operates at high humidity for a long time, moisture will be generated on the air outlet grill and then drip off.

Noise from indoor unit:The noise emitted when the fan or compressor relay is switching on or off./When the defrosting operation is started or stopped, there is a sound of refrigerant flowing in the reverse direction.

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