Daihatsu Air Conditioner Error Codes

Daihatsu Air Conditioner Error Codes
Daihatsu Air Conditioner Error Codes

Daihatsu Inverter Air Conditioner Error Codes; When air conditioner status is abnormal, temperature indictor on indoor unit will blink to display corresponding error code. Please refer to below list for identific ation of error code.

Digital LED CodeFailure Type-LED Code-Function Indicator (flash)
E0Indoor and outdoor communication failure. RUN, TIMER – both winking.
ECOutdoor communication failure. RUN TIMER – both winking.
E1Indoor room temperature sensor (IRT). RUN-1 time/8s.
E2 Indoor coil temperature sensor (IPT). RUN-2 times /8s.
E3 Outdoor coil temperature sensor (OPT). RUN-3 times /8s.
E4 System abnormity. RUN-4 times /8s.
E5Model configuration wrong. RUN-5 times /8s.
E6Indoor fan motor fault. RUN-6 times /8s.
E7 Outdoor temperature sensor. RUN-7 times /8s.
E8 Exhaust temp. sensor. RUN-8 times /8s.
E9 IPM drive and module fault. RUN-9 times /8s.
EFOutdoor fan motor fault (DC motor). RUN-10 times /8s.
EA Current sensor fault. RUN-11 times /8s.
EE Indoor unit EEPROM fault. RUN-12 times /8s.
EP Temp. switch fault ( on top of the compressor). RUN-13 times /8s.
EUVoltage sensor fault. RUN-14 times /8s.
P1 Overvoltage /lower voltage protection. RUN: Blink; TIMER: 1 blink /8 sec.
P2Overcurrent protection. RUN: Blink; TIMER: 2 blink /8 sec.
P4Exhaust over temperature protection. RUN: Blink; TIMER: 4 blink /8 sec.
P5 Too cool protection in cooling mode. RUN: Bright; TIMER: 5 blink /8 sec.
P6 Overheat protection in cooling mode. RUN: Bright; TIMER: 6 blink /8 sec.
P7 Overheat protection in heating mode. RUN: Bright; TIMER: 7 blink /8 sec.
P8 Outdoor over temperature / lower temperature protection. RUN: Bright; TIMER: 8 blink /8 sec.
P9 Drive protection (software control ). RUN: Blink; TIMER: 9 blink /8 sec.
P0Module protection (hardware control). RUN: Blink; TIMER: 10 blink /8 sec.
C5Connector jumper malfunction. Check if the connector jumper contacts the properly. If replace the PCB, please take off the old for the new PCB.
H6PC motor (indoor fan) can’t run. Feedback terminal of PG motor hasn’t been connected firmly. The control end of PG motor hasn’t been connected firmly
U8Malfunction of zero cross detection circuit for PG motor (indoor fan). Control panel has been damaged.
daihatsu air conditioner remote controller
Daihatsu Air Conditioner Remote Controller

Outdoor failure display

There is a LED on outdoor power board, it blinks 1s ON and 1s OFF while compressor standby and it always light (ON) while compressor running; If there is failure happened on ODU, The indicator (LED) alerts the fault in a cycle as such that it is bright for 0.5 seconds, dark for 0.5 seconds, blinks “n” times and then dark for 3 seconds. For details as table below:

Display on outdoor power source board:


blink time (n) Failure
1 IPM protection
2 Over voltage /lower voltage
3 Overcurrent
4 Exhaust over temperature protection
5 Outdoor coil over temperature protection
6 Drive fault and protection (V1ˈVP1)
7 Communication fault with indoor unit
8 Compressor overheat fault (compressor top switch)
9Short-circuit / open-circuit fault of outdoor temperature sensor
10 Short circuit / open-circuit fault of outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
11 Short-circuit / open-circuit fault of exhaust temperature sensor
12 Voltage sensor fault
13 Current sensor fault
14 IPM fault
15 Communication fault between power source board and IPM
16 No feedback from DC fan motor(outdoor unit)
17 Defrost state

Daihatsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Please check below items before asking for maintenance. If the malfunction still can’t be eliminated, please contact local dealer or qualified professionals.

Indoor unit can’t receive remote controller’s signal or remote controller has no action.Whether it’s interfered severely (such as static electricity,stable voltage)? Pull out the plug. Reinsert the plug after about 3 min, and then turn on the unit again.
Whether remote controller is within the signal receiving range? Signal receiving range is 8m.
Whether there are obstacles? Remove obstacles.
Whether remote controller is pointing at the receiving window? Select proper angle and point the remote controller at the receiving window on indoor unit.
Is sensitivity of remote controller low; fuzzy display and no display? Check the batteries. If the power of batteries is too low, please replace them.
No display when operating remote controller? Check whether remote controller appears to be damaged. If yes, replace it.
Fluorescent lamp in room? Take the remote controller close to indoor unit. Turn off the fluoresent lamp and then try it again.
No air emitted from indoor unitAir inlet or air outlet of indoor unit is blocked? Eliminate obstacles.
Under heating mode, indoor temperature is reached to set temperature? After reaching to set temperature, indoor unit will stop blowing out air.
Heating mode is turned on just now? In order to prevent blowing out cold air, indoor unit will be started after delaying for several minutes, which is a normal phenomenon.
Air conditioner can’t operatePower failure? Wait until power recovery.
Is plug loose? Reinsert the plug.
Air switch trips off or fuse is burnt out? Ask professional to replace air switch or fuse.
Wiring has malfunction? Ask professional to replace it.
Unit has restarted immediately after stopping operation? Wait for 3 min, and then turn on the unit again.
Whether the function setting for remote controller is correct? Reset the function.
Mist is emitted from indoor unit’s air outletIndoor temperature and humidity is high? Because indoor air is cooled rapidly. After a while, indoor temperature and humidity will be decrease and mist will disappear.
Odours are emittedWhether there’s odour source, such as furniture and cigarette, etc. Eliminate the odour source. Clean the filter.
Air conditioner operates normally suddenlyWhether there’s interference, such as thunder, wireless devices, etc. Disconnect power, put back power, and then turn on the unit again.
Outdoor unit has vaporHeating mode is turned on? During defrosting under heating mode, it may generate vapor, which is a normal phenomenon.
“Water flowing” noiseAir conditioner is turned on or turned off just now? The noise is the sound of refrigerant flowing inside the unit, which is a normal phenomenon.
Cracking noiseAir conditioner is turned on or turned off just now? This is the sound of friction caused by expansion and/or contraction of panel or other parts due to the change of temperature.

Introduction for buttons on remote controller

Introduction for buttons on remote controller
Introduction for buttons on remote controller



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