Fedders Air Conditioner Error Codes

Upon receipt of equipment, check carton for visible damage. Make a notation on the shipper’s delivery ticket of any damages before signing.

If there is any evidence of rough handling, the cartons should be  opened at once to check for concealed damage. If any damage is found, notify the carrier within 48 hours to establish your claim, and request an inspection report from the carrier. The warranty claims department should then be contacted.

Fedders AC Error codes
Fedders AC Error codes
Error CodesCause
E1System high pressure protection
E2Anti-freezing protection
E4Compressor air exhaust high temp. protection
E5AC overload protection
E6Indoor and outdoor units communication malfunction
E8Anti-high temp. protection
H6Indoor unit motor no feedback
C5Jump wire cap malfunction protection
F1Indoor ambient sensor open circuit, short circuit
F2 Indoor evaporator sensor circuit open, short circuit
F3Outdoor ambient sensor circuit open, circuit short
F4Outdoor condensor sensor open circuit, short circuit
F5Outdoor air exhaust sensor open circuit, short circuit
F6Overload limit/descending frequency
F8 Over current need frequency descending
F9 Air exhaust over high need frequency descending
PHDC generatrix voltage is too high
U5Whole unit’s current testing malfunction
P5Compressor current overcurrent protection
H2Electrostatic dedust protection
H3Compressor overload protection
H4System is abnormal
H5IPM protection
HCPFC protection
H7Compressor lose steps
H0Heating, anti-high temp. declines
LcStartsup fail
U1Compressor current testing circuit malfunction
EEEEPROM malfunction
PUCapacitor charge malfunction
P7Module sensor circuit diagram
P8Module temp. over high protection
U3DC Bus voltage dips
PLLow DC Bus voltage protection
EUIPM temp. is too high limit/decrease frequency
U7Four-way valve abnormal
U9Outdoor unit zerocross detecting error



Fedders Wall Air Conditioners-Heat Pumps-F1-F2-F3-F4-HP-C-EH-HD
Fedders Wall Air Conditioners-Heat Pumps-F1-F2-F3-F4-HP-C-EH-HD


Air conditioner will not operate

Possible Cause:

  1. Wall plug disconnected.
  2. House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.
  3. Unit turned off and then on too quickly.
  4. Thermostat set too low for cooling.


  1. Push plug firmly into wall outlet.
  2. Replace fuse with time delay type or reset circuit breaker.
  3. Wait 3 minutes before restarting.
  4. Adjust thermostat to lower temperature

Air from unit does not feel cold enough

Possible Cause:

  1. Unit in Fan mode.
  2. Temperature set too high.
  3. Room temperature below 70°F


  1. Set Mode to Cool.
  2. Set thermostat to lower temperature.
  3. Cooling may not occur until room temperature rises above 70°F.

Air conditioner cooling, but room is too warm ice forming on cooling coil behind decorative front

Possible Cause:

  1. Outdoor temperature below 70°F.
  2. Dirty air filter air restricted.


  1. To defrost the coil, set mode to Fan. Then, set thermostat to warmer temperature.
  2. Clean filter.

Air conditioner cooling, but room too warm –  NO ice forming on cooling coil behind decorative front

Possible Cause:

  1. Dirty air filter air restricted.
  2. Thermostat set too warm.


  1. Clean air filter.
  2. Set thermostat to colder temperature.

Noise when unit is cooling

Possible Cause:

  1. Air movement sound.
  2. Sound of fan hitting watermoisture removal system.
  3. Window vibration poor installation.


  1. The sound of rushing air is normal. If too loud, Fan Speed to Low setting.
  2. This is normal when humidity is high. Close doors, windows and registers.
  3. Refer to installation instructions check with installer

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