Inventor Air Conditioner Error Codes

Inventor Air Conditioner Error Codes
Inventor Air Conditioner Error Codes
Code DisplayMalfunction Name
E1High pressure protection of system
E2Antifreezing protection
E3System block or refrigerant leakage
E4High discharge temperature protection of compressor
E5Overcurrent protection
E6Communication Malfunction
E8High temperature resistant protection
EEEEPROM malfunction
EULimit/ decrease frequency due to high temperature of module
C5Malfunction protection of jumper cap
FoGathering refrigerant
F1Indoor ambient temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F2Indoor evaporator temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F3Outdoor ambient temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F4Outdoor condenser temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F5Outdoor discharge temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F6Limit/ decrease frequency due to overload
F8Decrease frequency due to overcurrent
F9Decrease frequency due to high air discharge
FHLimit/ decrease frequency due to antifreezing
PHVoltage for DC bus-bar is too high
PLVoltage of DC bus-bar is too low
P0Compressor Min frequence in test state
P1Compressor rated frequence in test state
P2Compressor maximum frequence in test state
P3Compressor intermediate frequence in test state
P5Overcurrent protection of phase current for compressor
PUCharging malfunction of capacitor
P7Malfunction of module temperature sensor circuit
P8Module high temperature protection
H0Decrease frequency due to high temperature resistant during heating operation
H2Static dedusting protection
H3Overload protection for compressor
H4System is abnormal
H5IPM protection
H5Module temperature is too high
H6Internal motor (fan motor) do not operate
H7Desynchronizing of compressor
HCPFC protection
L3Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction
L9Power protection
LPIndoor unit and outdoor unit doesn't match
LCFailure startup
U1Malfunction of phase current detection circuit for compressor
U3Malfunction of voltage dropping for DC bus-bar
U5Malfunction of complete units current detection
U7The four-way valve is abnormal
U9Zerocrossing malfunction of outdoor unit
U8Zero-crossing inspection circuit malfunction of the IDU fan motor
Inventor Air Conditioner Remote Control
Inventor Air Conditioner Remote Control

Analysis or processing of some of the malfunction display:

  • Compressor discharge protection

Possible causes: shortage of refrigerant; blockage of air filter; poor ventilation or air flow short pass for condenser; the system has noncondensing gas (such as air, water etc.); blockage of capillary assy (including filter); leakage inside four-way valve causes incorrect operation; malfunction of compressor; malfunction of protection relay; malfunction of discharge sensor; outdoor temperature too high. Processing method: refer to the malfunction analysis in the above section.

  • Low voltage overcurrent protection

Possi ble cause: Sudden drop of supply voltage.

  • Communication malfunction

Processing method: Check if communication signal cable is connected reliably.

  • Sensor open or short circuit

Processing method: Check whether sensor is normal, connected with the corre sponding position on the controller and if damage of lead wire is found.

  • Compressor over load protection

Possible causes: insufficient or too much refrigrant; blockage of capillary and increase of suction temp.; improper running of compressor, burning in or stuck of bearing, damage of discharge valve; malfunction of protector. Processing method: adjust refrigerant amount; replace the capillary; replace the compressor; use universal meter to check if the contactor of compress or is fine when it is not overheated, if not replace the protector.

  • System malfunction

i.e.overload protection.When tube temperature(Check the temperature of outdoor heat exchanger when cooling and check the temperatur e of indoor heat exchanger when heating) is too high, protectionwill beactivated. Possi ble causes: Outdoor temperature is too high when cooling; insufficient outdoor air circulation; refrigerant flow malfunction. please refer to the malfunction analysis in the previous section for handling method .

  • IPM module protection

Processing method:Once the module malfunction happens,if it persists for a long time and can not be selfcanceled, cut off the power and turn off the unit,and then re-energize the unit again after about 10 min.After repeating the procedure for sever times, if the malfunction still exists,replace the module.


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