Midea Chiller Error Codes

Midea Package Air-cooled Modular Chiller Error Codes

Midea Chiller Error Codes
Midea Chiller Error Codes

Code Trouble:

Error CodesCause
E0Water-flow detection error (the third time)
E1Power phases sequence failure
E2Communication failure
E3Total outlet water Temperature sensor failure (available for main unit)
E4Outlet water temperature sensor in double-pipe heat interchanger error
E5Pipe temperature sensor in condenser A error
E6Pipe temperature sensor in condenser B error
E7Outdoor Temperature sensor failure
E8Error of the Air Exhaust Temp. Sensor at Digital Compressor
E9Water-flow check trouble(wire controller and control board can recover automatically when the trouble is displayed for the first and second times
EAMain unit detect that auxiliary unit’s quantity have decreased.
EbFreeze-proof temperature sensor 1 in double-pipe heat interchanger error
ECWire controller can not search the modules on line
EDWire control and module unit communication error
Ed1-hour consecutive 4-times PE protection
EEWire control and computer communication error
EFInlet water temperature sensor error
P0System A high-pressure protection or discharge gas temperature protection
P1System A low-pressure protection
P2System B high-pressure protection or discharge gas temperature protection
P3System B low-pressure protection
P4System A current protection
P5System B current protection
P6System A Condenser high-temperature protection
P7System B Condenser high-Temperature protection
P8Digital compressor discharge Temperature protection, when it is above 125℃
PbSystem anti-freeze protection
PELow-temperature protection of double-pipe heat interchanger
F1Eeprom failure
F2Failure of reduction of wired controller number at parallel connection of multiple wired controller (reserved)
CPAnti-freeze protection of plate heat exchanger for 5/7kW
CLProtection when temperature difference between inlet & outlet water in cooling mode is too large for 5/7kW.
CHProtection when temperature difference between inlet & outlet water in heating mode is too large for 5/7kW
C8Water flow switch protection malfunction
C0Temperature sensor malfunction of plate heat exchanger for 5/7kW.
d8Remote control
HHInlet water temperature sensor malfunction for 5/7kW models.
Midea Chiller Remote Control
Midea Chiller Remote Control

Troubleshooting and Solutions

Troubles: Over high air discharge pressure(Cooling operation).

Possible reasons:

  1. Air or other non-condensing gas still in the system.
  2. Fins in the condenser are dirty or foreign substance blocking fins.
  3. Insufficient chilling air volume or condenser fan error.
  4. Excessive high air suction pressure.
  5. Excessive refrigerant charging volume.
  6. Over high ambient temperature.


  1. Discharge gas from refrigerant charging inlet. Re-vacuum the system if necessary.
  2. Clean condenser fins.
  3. Check and repair the condenser fan, recover the normal operation.
  4. See “Excessive high air suction pressure”.
  5. Discharge the excessive refrigerant.
  6. Check ambient temperature.

Troubles: Over low air discharge pressure (Cooling operation).

Possible reasons:

  1. Surrounding temperature is lower.
  2. Refrigerant leak or insufficient.
  3. Low suction pressure.


  1. Measure the surrounding temp.
  2. Leak-hunting or recharging.
  3. Refer to the “low suction pressure”.

Troubles: Over high air suction pressure (Cooling operation).

Possible reasons:

  1. Refrigerant over-charged.
  2. High temperature of the inlet chilled-water.


  1. Discharge the additional refrigerant.
  2. Check the heat insulation of water pipeline.

Troubles: Compressor stops because of freeze-proof protection

Possible reasons:

  1. Insufficient chilling water flow volume.
  2. Gas still in water loop.
  3. Thermal resistor error.


  1. Error comes from pump or flow-type water volume control. Check and repaired or replace a new one.
  2. Discharge air.
  3. Upon error have been confirmed, please replace a new one.

Troubles: Compressor can‟t start.

Possible reasons:

  1. Over current relay trip up, fuse burnt out.
  2. Control circuit without power though.
  3. High voltage or low voltage protection.
  4. Coils in contactor are burnt out.
  5. Wrong connection of phase sequence.
  6. Water system error and flow type volume controller short connection.
  7. Error signal delivered from wired controller.


  1. Replace damaged assembly.
  2. Check the wring of control system.
  3. Reference to mention in above the parts of air suction and discharge pressure error.
  4. Replace damaged assembly.
  5. Re-connect and adjust the any 2 wires among 3 phases.
  6. Check water system.
  7. Find out the error type and carry out the corresponding measure to settle.
Midea Chiller Parts
Midea Chiller Parts
Connection Method
Connection Method
65kW module refrigeration system sketch drawing(Fixed speed)
65kW module refrigeration system sketch drawing(Fixed speed)

Midea AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Midea Chiller Service Manual PDF


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