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Gree PTAC – Packaged Terminal AC Error Codes

—STATUS LED Indicator Definitions

Indoor air temp sensor open/short =8-segment display ‘F1’, with STATUS light flash 1 times and off 3 sec, repeat

Gree Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

Residential Air Conditioners


Gree Ductless Heat Pump Error Codes

Gree Ductless Heat  Pump Error Codes

Gree Multi Inverter Error Codes

The repair personnel shall collect the error information as more as possible for careful study and list those electric or system parts that might cause the error. Then, the repair personnel shall be able to identify the specific cause of error and find out the problem parts.

Gree Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Gree Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Gree Air Conditioners Error Codes

The fault code is deduced from the number of times the green LED flashes, blocking unit operation.

Gree Cassette Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

Gree Cassette Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

Gree Ducted Air Conditioning Error Codes

GREE Ducted Air-conditioning Error Codes