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Trane VRF Error Codes

If an error occurs, one of more of the LEDs on the display (see “Components” for their location) will flicker. As a protection strategy, the unit stops operating (and the LED turns off). If the unit is turned on before the problem is resolved, the LED will resume flickering and the unit will stop operating again. 4-Way

Trane Chiller Error Codes

Chilled water inlet and outlet openings are covered for shipment. Each compressor has a separate compressor motor starter. The RTAC series features Trane’s exclusive Adaptive Control ™ logic, which monitors the control variables that govern the operation of the chiller unit. Series R Air-Cooled Helical Rotary Liquid Chillers – RTAC Plus 140 – 350 Ton

Trane Air Conditioner Error Codes

Index: Trane Split System Error Codes Mini TVR 5G Error Codes Ceiling-Cassette Error Codes 1-Trane Split System Error Codes: 9, 12 MBH – 60 and 50 Hz ( No LED light on outdoor PCB) 12, 24 MBH – 60 and 50 Hz Error Messages and Actions Mini / Multi-Split Wired Controller 2-Trane Mini TVR 5G