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Mitsubishi Electric VRF Error Codes – City Multi

Code: 0403 Serial communication error Code: 1102 Discharge temperature fault Code: 1301 Low pressure fault Code: 1302 High pressure fault Code: 1500 Refrigerant overcharge Code: 2500 Drain sensor submergence Code: 2502 Drain pump fault Code: 2503 Drain sensor (Thd) fault Code: 2600 Water leakage Code: 2601  Water supply cutoff Code: 4102 Open phase Code: 4106  Transmission power supply fault Code: 4115 Power supply signal sync

Mitsubishi Electric AC Error Codes – Mr. Slim

Mr.SLIM Fault Codes list; Display function of inspection for outdoor unit The blinking patterns of both LED1(green) and LED2(red) indicate the types of abnormality when it occurs. Types of abnormality can be indicated in details by connecting an optional part A-Control Service Tool (PAC-SK52ST) to connector CNM on outdoor controller board. Error Code: F3 Contents: Connector (63L)