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Rheem AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Descriptions of the ICC diagnostic codes are provided below: Display Code: 0– Standby Diagnostic Description: No command for unit operation Possible Cause: Normal operation Display Code: c – First Stage Cooling Diagnostic Description: Unit has received a command for first stage cooling Possible Cause: Normal operation Display Code: c Flashing Diagnostic Description: Anti-short cycle timer

Rheem Electric Water Heaters Error Codes

Commercial Electric Water Heaters 9kW – 900kW Input Models There are seven error messages that can be displayed in response to software or hardware problems with the boiler’s internal electronic temperature control. The error codes that may be seen flashing on the display are: SF – Sensor Failure The display flashing SF indicates an out-of-range or defective sensor. Make sure sensors are

Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes

OFF – The desired programmed temperature point is lower than 60°F (15°C). LP & LP3 – Shortage of refrigerant gas in the unit or faulty low pressure control. The unit will show (LP3) after 3 LP faults and shuts down the unit and pool pump for protection. If this occurs, you should call for service. HP & HP6 – Low