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Lennox AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

This manual is applicable only to the following models. Lennox Air Conditioner Inverter Split Type Error Codes; LNIV2610 LNIV3510 LNIV5010 LNIV6510 Indoor Unit Error Display: Lennox Split AC Error Codes If there is an error occurring during the operation of the system, the error code will be displayed on the LCD, as show in Fig.5.1.

Unionaire Air Conditioner Error Codes

How to Fix Error Code E1? Room Sensor:  this code means that the circuit board is not receiving a signal from the sensing bulb mounted in front of the evaporator coil. Diagnosis:  visually inspect and/or use an ohmmeter to check the following: Sensor has come unplugged from the PC board.  OR Sensor has failed and

American Standard AC Error Codes

Variable Speed AccuLink Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners. Variable Speed Alert Codes; Initiate Adaptive/Timed Defrost so long as Coil Temp Sensor is functional. Monitor actual time in defrost and add or reduce run time until next forced defrost based on achieving a 4 minute (+/- 1) defrost period. 1st LPCO trip results in a 15

Fujitsu General AC Error Codes

High-SEER 410a Mini Splits Troubleshooting Code Error Contents: LED Flash Error Contents: Outdoor Unit Display Error Display: Wired Remote Controller Error Codes: Fujitsu General AC Troubleshooting In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.), immediately stop operation, turn off the electrical breaker and consult authorized service personnel. Merely turning off the unit’s power switch

Panasonic Air Conditioner Error Codes

Contents: 1. Split AC, 2. Multi AC, 3. Cassette AC Error Codes; Panasonic Inverter Split AC Error Codes Note: “0″ – Frequency measured and fan speed fixed. The memory data of error code is erased when the power supply is cut off, or press the Auto Switch until “beep” sound heard following by pressing the

Delonghi Portable AC Error Codes

Self-Diagnosis: The appliance has a self diagnosis system to identify a number of malfunctions. Error messages are displayed on the appliance display. Delonghi Portable AC Troubleshooting Problem: The air conditioner does not come on Cause: there is no current it is not plugged into the mains the internal safety device has tripped Solution: wait plug

TCL Air Conditioner Error Codes

Protection and Fault Codes; Protection and Failure Display; When protection display is available, controller will show error code, digital LED shows error code and setting temperature by turns. If there is more than one failure, it will show at first that in front of the error list. Protection display function can be selected in hardware,

Aux AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

AUX Air Conditioning Error Codes; 1.HS(Y) HSA(Y) HSB(Y) HSF (Y) HV(Y) HVA(Y) digital display for the series air-conditioner faults: 2. H (Except KFR-25G/H) H1 HA HB series faults display: Fault source: PG motor feedback is abnormal Display mode: Timing light twinkles 4 times in every 8 seconds The display precedence level: 1   Fault source:

Fujitsu General VRF Error Codes

Airstage V2  Series, Multi AC System for Buildings. Error Code List for Outdoor Unit: Error Code List for Simple and Wired Remote Controller Error Code List for Group Remote Controller   Fujitsu General Airstage V2  Series Manual PDF Fujitsu General AC Error Codes