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McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

E1: Compressor 2 low pressure faulty E2: Compressor 2 high pressure faulty E3: Compressor 2 overload E4: Indoor coil 2 temperature sensor fault E5: System 2 leaving water temperature 2 faulty F2: Indoor coil 1 temperature sensor fault F4: Return air temperature sensor fault F6: Communication faulty F9: Compressor  1 refrigerant leak FE: Compressor 2

McQuay Rooftop Packaged AC Error Code

When the system is on and an error occurs, the ON/OFF LED on the LCD panel will blink and an error code is shown. When the system is off and there is a thermistor error, the ON/OFF LED is off but the error code is still displayed. Each error code represents different message as below.

McQuay PTAC Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting can present hazards of electricity, rotating parts, sharp edges and weight. Troubleshooting must be done by trained, experienced technicians only. Improper troubleshooting can result in equipment damage, severe personal injury or death.   Trouble Blinking diagnostic display on control pad a. E1 b. E2 c. E3 d. E4 e. E9 Possible Causes a. Defective room