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McQuay Rooftop Package AC Error Codes

When the system is on and an error occurs, the ON/OFF LED on the LCD panel will blink and an error code is shown. When the system is off and there is a thermistor error, the ON/OFF LED is off but the error code is still displayed. Each error code represents different message as below.

McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

Single Split Inverter-Y Model Indoor Series Wall Mounted K-Series Inverter-Y model Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301): E0: System malfunction E1: Sensor Broken (TH1 discharge Temp.) E2: Sensor Broken (TH2 inlet coil 1#) E3: Sensor Broken (TH3 mid coil 1#) E4: Sensor Broken (TH4 inlet coil 2#) E5: Sensor Broken (TH5 mid coil 2#) E6: