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Haier MRV Air Conditioner Error Codes

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning, Fault Code List for H-MRV Indoor Unit AU482FIBHA Fault Code List Note: The model is provided with 1 high-pressure switch and 1 low-pressure switch in series. The compressor features a built-in compressor overload protector. AU242FHBHA Fault Code List Haier MRV S Fault Code List Haier Air Conditioner Error Codes

Haier Air Conditioner Error Codes

Failure code for wall mounted unit – Displayed on the indoor LCD: Model: HDU-24CA03/M(R1) HDU-28CA03/M(R1) HDU-36CA03/M(R1) HDU-42CA03/M(R1) Model: HSU-09/12HVA103/R2(DB)FOR Eorope Error Code: E1 Fault Description: Room temperature sensor fault Remark: Indoor room temp. sensor in short circuit, or open circuit, it can resume due to the signal. Error Code: E2 Fault Description: Heat-exchange sensor fault