York VRF Error Codes

York VRF Error Codes – Meanings and Solutions (2023 Fix)

York International started in 1874, is a York Pennsylvania-based company that develops HVAC equipment and refrigeration equipment. The company started an independent venture, but in 2005 was purchased by Johnson Controls. Selling at a whopping $3.2 billion US dollars the company was back then the world’s largest independent manufacturer of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration … Read more

York Chiller Error Codes and Troubleshooting

York Chiller Error Codes and Messages

Real Time Error Numbers: Problem: No display on panel – unit will not start Possible Cause: Main supply to control system OFF. Emergency stop device off. CB3 tripped. No supply to – T2 No 24VAC supply to power board. No +12V output from powerboard. Action: Switch on main supply if safe to do so. Check if control … Read more