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York Rooftop Air Conditioning Units Error Codes

Alarm Troubleshooting Refrigerant System Alarm Codes (01, 02, 03, 04, 09, 10, 11, 12) The first 12 alarms involve controls intended to protect the compressors. Each compressor system is equipped with external circuitry monitoring hardware intended to protect the compressor in case the operating characteristics of the refrigerant system fall outside the safe operating envelope

York Chiller Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Real Time Error Numbers Problem: No display on panel – unit will not start Possible Cause: Main supply to control system OFF. Emergency stop device off. CB3 tripped. No supply to – T2 No 24VAC supply to power board. No +12V output from powerboard. Action: Switch on main supply if safe to do so. Check if control

York VRF Error Codes

Malfunction and Protection Code Table. The display board in digital scroll system is just to display running conditions and  malfunction information. The manual button is just to check the address code and power code  of indoor units. Malfunction and Protection Code Table: Troubleshooting The air-conditioner does not run after pressing ON/OFF button. Communication malfunction between outdoor

York Air Conditioner Error Codes

  York Central Controller Fault Codes: H3: Outdoor adding malfunction (valid for host unit) H2: Outdoor decreasing malfunction (valid for host unit) H1: Net communication malfunction EF: Other malfunction E4-T4: Temp. Sensor malfunction E3-T3: Temp. Sensor malfunction E2: Sensor malfunction E1-E0: Communication malfunction Phase sequence or lack of phase PF: Other Protection PE: Oil Balance