Trane VRF Error Codes

If an error occurs, one of more of the LEDs on the display (see “Components” for their location) will flicker.

As a protection strategy, the unit stops operating (and the LED turns off). If the unit is turned on before the problem is resolved, the LED will resume flickering and the unit will stop operating again.

Trane VRF Error Codes
Trane VRF Error Codes

4-Way Cassette-Indoor, 1-Way Cassette-Indoor, Mini-4-Way Cassette-Indoor, Convertible Ceiling-Floor-Indoor, High Wall-Indoor, Big Duct-Indoor, Slim, MSP, and HSP Duct-Indoor, Mini-Outdoor.

Diagnostic LEDs for the high-wall indoor unit:

Error CodesProblem
E121Indoor temperature sensor error (shorted or open)
E122Evap-in sensor error (shorted or open)
E123Evap-out sensor error (shorted or open)
E126Discharge sensor error (shorted or open)
E154Indoor fan error
E221Outdoor temperature sensor error (shorted or open)
E237Condenser sensor error (shorted or open)
E251Discharge sensor error
E101No communication between indoor and outdoor units for 2 minutes
E102Communication error received from outdoor unit
E2023-minute tracking error on outdoor unit
E201Communication error after tracking due to non-matching quantity of installed indoor units
E108Error due to repeated communication address
E109Communication address not confirmed
E151Error due to opened EEV (2nd detection)
E152Error due to closed EEV (2nd detection)
E128Evap-in sensor is loose
E129Evap-out sensor is loose
E198Thermal switch error (open)
E241Condenser mid-sensor is loose
E554Refrigerant leakage (2nd detection)
E450Abnormally high temperature on condenser (2nd detection)
E451Low pressure switch (2nd detection)
E416Abnormally high discharge air temperature on outdoor unit (2nd detection)
E559Indoor unit operation stopped due to unconfirmed error on outdoor unit
E425Reverse phase detection error
E403Compressor operation stop due to freeze detection(6th detection)
E301High pressure sensor is loose
E306Low pressure sensor is loose
E428Outdoor unit compression ratio error
E413Outdoor sump down_1 prevention control
E410Compressor operation stopped due to low pressure sensor prevention control
E180Simultaneous opening of cooling/heating MCU solenoid valve (1sst detection)
E181Simultaneous opening of cooling/heating MCU solenoid valve (2nd detection)
E153Float switch (2nd detection)
E162EEPROM error
E163EEPROM option error
E164Incompatible indoor unit error

Error codes for the C-series 4-way cassette indoor unit:

Trane Multi VRF Error Codes
Trane Multi VRF Error Codes
Error CodesProblem
416Compressor down due to protection control of the discharge temperature sensor
450Error due to condenser temperature sensor when in cooling mode
451Error of the low pressure switch (Protection control)
425Reverse phase error (Protection control)
551In removing frost
221Error of outdoor temperature sensor (Open/Short)
237 Error of condenser temperature sensor (Open/Short)
251Error of discharge temperature sensor (Open/Short)
201System down caused by communication error after completion of tracking Mismatching of indoor unit quantity setting error after completion of tracking 5 times
121Error of temperature sensor in the indoor unit (Open/Short)
122Error of the heat exchanger sensor in the indoor unit (Open/Short)
419Error of electronic expansion valve open in the outdoor unit (when it is detected more than once)
422Error of electronic expansion valve close in the outdoor unit (when it is detected more than once)
601Error of communication between the indoor unit and the wired remote controller
602Master wired remote controller / slave wired remote controller
606Polarity error (F1/F2, F3/F4 switched)
EAError of setting option for wired remote controller COM2
Typical system installation wiring - Outdoor units Three phase, 208-230V-460V
Typical system installation wiring – Outdoor units Three phase, 208-230V-460V


Problem: The unit does not operate immediately after restarting it.

Solution: The anti-short cycle timer prevents the unit from operating immediately to keep it from overloading. The unit will start in 3 minutes.

Problem: The unit does not operate.

Solution: Verify the following;

  • The power plug is properly inserted into the wall receptacle.
  • There has not been a power failure.
  • The circuit breaker is switched on/fuses are good.

Problem: The temperature does not change.

Solution: Verify that the unit is not operating in Fan mode. If it is, select a different mode.

Problem: The unit is not producing warm/ cool air.

Solution: Verify the following;

  • Temperature setting on remote control is higher/lower than the current temperature.
  • Air filter is not clogged with dirt.
  • If the unit has just been turned on, wait 3 minutes for the anti-short cycle timer to expire.
  • Air flow is unobstructed.
  • Line size and length is correct and does not exceed factory recommendations.
  • Operating mode is heat/cool.
  • If unit is not producing warm air, is it set to Cool mode?
  • Remote control is not for a cooling-only unit.
  • That the unit has not been installed in direct sunlight. If so, hang curtains or shades on windows to filter the sun and increase unit efficiency.

Problem: The fan speed does not change.

Solution: Verify that Auto or Dry mode is selected. Either of these modes automatically adjust the fan speed.

Problem: Timer function does not work.

Solution: Press the Power button on the remote control after setting the time.

Problem: Odors permeate the room during operation.

Solution: Verify the origin of the odor. Operate the unit in Fan mode or open the windows to air out the room.

Problem: The unit makes a bubbling sound

Solution: A bubbling sound may be heard;

  • When the refrigerant is circulating through the compressor.
  • By the drain pump inside the unit when you press the Power button.

Problem: Water is dripping from the air flow blades.

Solution: If the unit has been running for an extended period of time with the blades fully open, adjust the blades to mid-position to alleviate condensation formation.

Problem: The remote control is not working.

Solution: Verify that;

  • Batteries are not depleted.
  • Batteries are correctly installed.
  • Nothing is blocking the remote control sensor.
  • No strong fluorescent or neon lighting is near the unit, which may interrupt the signal.

Problem: The unit does not turn on/off with the wired remote control.

Solution: Ensure that the wired remote control is not set for Group Control.

Problem: Indicators on the digital display flash.

Solution: Press the Power button on the remote control to turn the unit off. Then switch the circuit break off and then on again.

Trane VRF Communications board and wiring terminals
Trane VRF Communications board and wiring terminals

Trane VRF Manual PDF

Trane Variable Refrigerant Flow System Outdoor Unit Series -VRF-SVN34C-EN PDF


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