Kenwood AC Error Codes List and Troubleshooting

The error codes in Kenwood air conditioning systems provide users with a valuable tool for accurate device assessment. These codes serve as a crucial guide for swift and effective troubleshooting, enabling users to optimize the performance of their air conditioners.

Codes List

Before contacting an authorized technical service center, check the following.

  • E0: Indoor unit EEPROM
  • E1: Communication error between indoor and outdoor unit
  • E3: Indoor fan speed error
  • E4: Indoor return air temp. sensor error
  • E5: Indoor coil temp. sensor error
  • EC: Low refrigerant
  • EE: High water level alarm
  • F0: Outdoor current overload sensed
  • F1: Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
  • F2: Outdoor coil sensor error
  • F3: Compressor discharge temperature sensor error
  • F4: Outdoor unit EEPROM error
  • F5: Outdoor unit fan eed error
  • F6: Indoor coil outlet temp sensor error
  • P0: Inverter module IPM error
  • P1: High or low voltage
  • P3: Outdoor unit low temperature low temperature lockout
  • P4: Compressor drive error
  • P6: High pressure or low pressure switch open
  • P7: Outdoor IGBT temperature sensor error

Control Panel

Kenwood Portable AC Control Panel
Kenwood Portable AC Control Panel

Remote Control

Kenwood Portable Air Conditioner Remote Control
Kenwood Portable Air Conditioner Remote Control


The appliance does not workIf there is a power outage. Check it no longer occurs.
• If the plug is not correctly inserted in the outlet. Plug into the outlet.
If the outlet switch or the switch on the air conditioning unit is off. Check the outlet switch or turn the air conditioning unit switch on.
• If the condensation tank indicator light is on. Empty the water in the tank.
If the condensation tank is positioned correctly. Position the condensation tank correctly.
The appliance does not cool satisfactorilyIf the air intake and outlet grilles are blocked. Clean and free from obstructions.
• If there are other sources of heat in the room. Move the heat source.
If the air filter is very dirty. Clean the air filter.
If the temperature set (SET TEMP) is not correct. Set the temperature.
If the internal fan speed is on slow. Set the fan speed correctly.
There is excessive noise and vibrationIt is caused by the refrigerant fluid running through the tubes. This is normal.
Is it sloping? Place the appliance in a horizontal position.
The unit shuts down or starts up frequently.Is the air expelled through the exhaust hose correctly or does the hose follow a correct path? Try and keep the air exhaust hose in as horizontal a position as possible to facilitate evacuation of the air.
Other exhausts have been connected together on the same hose. Do not use other exhaust hoses, always use the hose supplied to expel the air.


  • Turn the appliance off and unplug from the outlet before cleaning.
  • Make sure the unit is disconnected from all voltage before proceeding with maintenance. This avoids the risk of electric shock.
  • Never use chemical solvents (such as benzene and alcohol) to clean the surface of the unit. This could scratch or damage the surface or even distort the external part.
  • Use water with delicate detergents or a soft cloth only to clean or dry plastic parts.
  • To clean the condensation tank, remove and completely empty it of water. Clean with neutral detergents, rinse and dry thoroughly. Then replace in the original position

Air Filter

If the air filter is blocked by dirt or dust, the flow of air diminishes, reducing the performance of the appliance and leading to malfunction. The air filter must be cleaned and/or washed at least once every two weeks.

  1. Open the air filter holder grill by pulling it towards the outside.
  2. Remove the filter from the filter holder grille.
  3. Wash the air filter by immersing it delicately in warm water (no more than 40° C) (104°F) with neutral detergent, rinse and dry completely in the shade.
  4. Replace the dry filter in the grill, fastening it with the pins on the inside surface of the grille.
  5. Replace the grille on the unit.

Manual Pdf

Kenwood Portable Air Conditioner Manual PDF – kw85

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