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Haier Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Before calling for service, try the suggestions below to see whether you can solve your problem without outside help.

Haier Window Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

Abnormity Diagnose

Haier Cassette AC Error Codes

The remote receiver can indicate the failure code

Haier Wall Mounted Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

Failure code for wall mounted unit(AS182AVERA) —- displayed on the indoor LCD:

Haier Air Cooled Modular Chiller Error Codes

E01 flow switch fault

Haier Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Model HDU-24CA03/M(R1) HDU-28CA03/M(R1) HDU-36CA03/M(R1) HDU-42CA03/M(R1)
Model HSU-09/12HVA103/R2(DB)FOR Eorope

Haier Air Conditioner Troubleshooting For İnverter Units

Failure code and troubleshooting