Akai Air Conditioner Error Codes

This air conditioner is equipped with a self-diagnosis function to help you identify potential problems. Should you encounter problems with your air conditioner, contact our after sales support centre using the details on the bottom of the page. However, before calling for service, consult the selfdiagnosis information below.

Indicates “dF”or heating icon blinks:Blinks once per second:Defrost indication

Fan motor picture not running:Blinks once per second:Anti cold wind

E2:Blinks once every 8 seconds:Room temperature sensor fault

E3:Blinks twice every 8 seconds:Coil temperature sensor

E8:Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds:Indoor fan fault

E5:Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds:Outdoor feedback

E7:Blinks 7 times every 8 seconds:External feedback fault

E0:Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds:Open the door fault

E1:Blinks 4 times every 8 seconds:Outdoor tube temperature sensor faults

E6:Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds:(EEPROM) Communication failures

FF:Blinks once per second:Outdoor temperature exceeds scope (too cold)

Akai Air Conditioner MANUAL PDF

9 Responses to Akai Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. maria mitic says:

    my air con is flashing F4 please help

  2. mario montemayor says:

    Hello, my split system Akai is blinking E9, what would that mean?

  3. dianne RICHARDSON says:

    error code eo .. so far all ı have ıs open door fault, well were and what ıs open door fault ???akaı splıt aır cond unıt …..

  4. abolfazl jalambadani says:

    Heloo.my air conditioner akai 48000 display error E7.and led green in bord outdoor flashing 3time.plz help me.
    I read in up errors code E7 is external fedback fault this whats mean?

  5. Damien Ryan says:

    AKAI AK-12000-RC
    An experienced installer has just installed two new AK-2000-RC Split Units and one started up and work OK from start. The second one came up with a code fault that says F1 but I presume it should be E1. What is a Outdoor Tube Temperature Sensor fault and what has to be done to get the Outdoor unit operating?

  6. Abdulrazzak DAWOOD says:

    My new AC AKAI 12000 is displaying F3 what that means?

  7. Jo says:

    EO open the door fault what does this mean

  8. Sharon Mitchell says:

    My air con is flashing P1 and will not run

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