Amana PTAC Error Codes

Amana PTAC Error Codes – Solutions and Pdf

Amana Corporation is an American-based home appliance brand that was founded in 1934. The Electrical Equipment Co based in Middle Amana, Iowa started with commercial walk-in coolers and slowly but surely made its way to other appliances. While the company’s main focus was refrigerators and freezers at one point, they took on the plague of … Read more

Kaden Air Conditioner Error Codes List and Solution

Kaden Air Conditioner Error Codes List and Solution [2023]

When troubles occur, please check the following points before contacting a service technician. If the system does not properly operate, investigate according to the following procedures. Troubleshooting The following symptoms are not a malfunction and in most situations will not require repairs. How to Clean the Air Filter? A clogged air conditioner can reduce the … Read more

Shinco AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Shinco AC Error Codes List and Solution [2023]

Shinco Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronic appliances. These include but are not limited to air conditioners, heating pumps, DVD players, GPS, washing machines, and so much more. Offering the world the latest technology has to offer with more than 8000 employees at 12 manufacturing plants. Over the past few years, … Read more

Akai AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Akai Air Conditioner Error Codes – Quick Fixes (Solved)

Akai is a Japanese-based consumer electronics manufacturer with headquarters in Hong Kong. The company was founded as Akai Electric Company Ltd in 1946 but was purchased by Grande Holdings based in Hong Kong. While still running under the same name, the company produces and distributes various electronic products such as washing machines, LED TVs, dryers, … Read more

Westinghouse Air Conditioner Error Codes

Westinghouse Air Conditioner Error Codes (and How to Fix Them)

Westinghouse Electrical Corporation, commonly known as Westinghouse started back in 1886. Originally the company was called Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company but was eventually renamed to match its workings in 1945. The name change was not the only change the company saw, as through the years it has been through several deals and transactions that … Read more