Ibis Rooftop AC Error Codes List and Solutions

Ibis air conditioner error codes provide critical information to assess the device’s performance. These codes enable users to swiftly identify issues, enhancing the efficiency of the unit.

Codes List

Before calling the customer service, check whether you can rectify the fault yourself by means of the following table. You can solve common appliance problems easily, saving you the coast of possible service call.

Dometic Ibis Rooftop AC

  • E1: Room sensor fault. Usually a faulty connection (plug), damaged lead or a faulty sensor itself.
  • E2: Inside coil sensor fault. Usually a faulty connection (2 plugs) Damaged lead or faulty sensor.
  • E3: Outside coil sensor fault. Usually a faulty connection (2 plugs), damaged lead or faulty sensor.
  • E4: Indicates lack of refrigerant, or the compressor is not running, or the thermistor is out of calibration. Check that the compressor is running by listening.
  • E5: E5 indicates excessive temp. of the outside coil if on cooling, OR excessive temp of the inside coil in heat mode. On cooling, the E5 will appear if the outside coil temp exceeds 68C. This is an indication of condenser airflow reduced or non-existent.
  • E6, E7: Error codes E6 and E7 are not utilised in this system. If either of these codes appear, then change the main control board.

Remote Control

ibis rooftop ac remote control
Remote Control


Symptom: Unit does not operate


  1. No power supply to unit
  2. Remote control is not operating
  3. Fault condition rapid flashes of ‘Fan’ indicator light on plenum


  1. Check that mains power is plugged into van and that the supply is switched ON. Check the van’s air-conditioner power circuit breaker is ‘ON’
  2. Check the remote control screen. If blank then replace batteries, Remote control batteries.
  3. 4 rapid flashes – inside coil not cooling “E4”, 5 rapid flashes – return air sensor fault “E1”, 6 rapid flashes – inside coil sensor fault “E2”, 7 rapid flashes – outside coil sensor fault “E3”, 8 rapid flashes – outside coil over temperature “E5”.

Symptom: Poor cooling or heating performance


  1. Return air filter is blocked
  2. Air outlets are closed
  3. Outside fan air intake is blocked
  4. High outside air temperatures in cooling
  5. Low outside air temperatures in heating
  6. Intermittent operation during very hot & very cold days


  1. Remove filter, clean & replace. Remove filter from plenum. Clean filter every 4 weeks, more frequently with high use
  2. Ensure that at least 2 outlets are opened. Highest capacity occurs when all 4 outlets are fully opened
  3. Check that debris has not blocked the external air intake of the roof top unit. Clear intake grille
  4. Take action to reduce your peak heat load – extend awnings, close blinds, windows & hatches, start air conditioner earlier in the morning
  5. Discuss expected heat loss with your caravan supplier and size air conditioning capacity to suit
  6. During cooling on very hot days the compressor overload may be activated. This is to protect the unit. Take all steps to reduce heat load on caravan

Symptom: Water coming from roof top unit and draining across the outside of the caravan roof


  1. In cooling mode this is ‘condensate’ water that has been removed from the air inside your van
  2. In heating mode this is water that has been melted during de-ice cycles


  1. This is normal. The unit will dehumidify air inside the caravan and provide more comfortable living conditions. In humid conditions close doors, windows and hatches. Run the inside fan on High or Medium. Avoid using Low or Auto fan speeds in these conditions
  2. This is normal. During heating on cold mornings the unit will periodically enter automatic de-ice mode to clear ice from the outside coil. Normal operation will resume once ice has been melted


Ibis 3 Owners Manual PDF

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