Galanz Air Conditioner Error Codes

Note: When the outdoor coil pipe TEMP sensor is out of order or removed, the air conditioner will set to defrost automatically in order to prevent it not working normally while the outdoor coil pipe TEMP sensor  is malfunction.


FAULT F6   PG motor faults

FAULT F7   Indoor TEMP sensor faults

FAULT F8   Indoor coil pipe TEMP sensor faults

FAULT F9   Outdoor coil pipe TEMP sensor faults

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35 Responses to Galanz Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Naseer kang says:

    F6 code error solloution

    • dorlei freitas says:

      Boa noite estou com um ar split galanz e acusou F6, nao ligou ficou a parte de fora trabalhando mas a parte interna nao funcionou, foi ate desligar todo.
      Desde ja obrigado.

  2. Omar Amad says:


    My galanz ac appear f5 error code. What is meaning?

  3. José Luis Fernández says:

    Como borrar código F9

  4. nicolas says:

    Good morning my cassette galanz 24000 btu flash 10 time and stop working i want to know what cause the fault

  5. niranjan sharma says:

    what is the meaning of “FF” in the galanz ceiling floor air conditioner.

  6. Ameen Moh Suala says:

    Pls what is PG motor

  7. Janet says:

    error message F8 – how do we fix it? Thanks Janet

  8. Geraldine Schlapp says:

    Hi. I have 2 Galanz inverter air conditioners at home, both are showing the code CF when I turn them off. What does it means? Thanks!

  9. betimi says:

    What a wit that is the problem there F3

  10. Mohamed manar says:

    How to fix error F8 in air condition Galanz

  11. Saw Sis Aung says:

    what is EEPROM long meaning.

  12. Joseph blaz says:

    Probable cuase for my 9k minisplit would go on after shutting it off by the error code is indicated.would it be my pc board that i would have to replace or my sensors.

  13. amri says:

    My york york air conditioner cassette type blinking on timer suddenly….and will operated normally after 1 to 2 hours without do anything….please advise me what i need to do it myself…thank you…

  14. rozeline chacuto says:

    My Galanz airconditioner does not work.
    It said error.
    Do you know what the problem is?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  15. Irene says:

    I got an F9 code. What does that mean

  16. mike miller says:

    Run and sleep lights are flashing, unit does not operate.

  17. Baham massarrat says:

    Please let me to know the Galanz Air Conditioner Error Codes

  18. Marius says:

    Hi, my stainless galantz 24000midwall powerlight and sleep light are iluminated and the ac dont work…

  19. ali says:

    dear managmet
    i have A/C 24H53r230t6 .
    i dont know Error “FA” on display .
    can you help me
    best regards

  20. Francis hili says:

    When trying to operate a.c.model galanz aus-12h53r150p2 I get e5 and ac switch off.thank you.

  21. Francis hili says:

    E5 code please ? Thank you

  22. mohamed mazito says:

    An air conditioner blink 15 times

  23. Amin says:

    F8 I Alrady change pipe coil senser but not working seme problem F8

  24. Anointed says:

    My galanz cassette displays AO what the problem

  25. Kessentini says:

    Mein galanz Klimaanlage zeigt Fehler E6? Was kann ich tun?

  26. ALEX says:

    what is EERPROM

  27. raymond sant says:

    i have a galanz ac 2002 model AUS 18 HR 53 FA2 . When i try to start it starts ( comp starts , cond fan starts, indoor unit starts) and after few seconds it stops and alarm power and night mode flashes. any help on how to find problem?

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