Samsung Air Conditioners Error Codes

Universal Outdoor Unit Inverter Error Codes

101 Indoor unit communication error – check wiring

102 Indoor/outdoor unit communication time our error

201 Indoor unit is not connected

203 Communication error between outdoor main PCB and Inverter

121 Indoor temp. sensor (open/short) – check and replaced if required

122 Indoor unit pipe in sensor (open/short) – check and replaced if required

128 Indoor unit pipe in sensor separation

221 Outdoor temp. sensor error (open/short) – check and replaced if required

237 COND temp. sensor error (open/short) – check and replaced if required

260 Inverter compressor discharge temp. sensor error (open/short)

153 Indoor float switch error

460 Outdoor unit-indoor unit communication error

554 Outdoor unit refrigerant leakage (gas leak)

458 Outdoor unit fan error

461 Inverter compressor start failure

464 Inverter DC PEAK Error

466 Inverter DC LINK Voltage 150V below, 410V Over

467 Inverter compressor rotation error

468 Inverter current sensor error

469 Inverter DC LINK sensor error

471 Inverter EEPROM read/write error

472 Inverter error

556 Outdoor unit capacity setup option error

601 Wired liquid crystal – indoor unit comm. error

602 Master wired liquid crystal – slave liquid crystal comm. error

603 Wired liquid crystal COM1/COM2 cross error

604 Error of setting option for wired remote controller COM2

5 Responses to Samsung Air Conditioners Error Codes

  1. alex t says:

    Hi. Am doing sumsung air split hide away, my unit is showing error code 604. When checking it it says it’s controller com2 so I don’t find a problem cause the wire is new and wired properly can you please help me

  2. Mr Naing says:

    Error code. Please what is problem thx

  3. MalekModltd says:

    Our AM140FXVAGR 14 HP DVM S Heat Recovery
    AM140FXVAG,is showing an error:
    E-604 Tracking failure error between wired remote controller and indoor unit.

    What to do?

  4. ALTAF HUSAIN says:

    E 24

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