Toshiba Cassette Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

Toshiba Cassette Type Air Conditioner  Error Codes





Check method

On the remote controller (Main remote controller, Central control remote controller) and the interface P.C. board of the
outdoor unit, a check display LCD (Remote controller) or 7-segment display (on the outdoor interface P.C. board)
operation is provided. Therefore the operation status can be known. Using this self-diagnosis function, a fault and the
location of this fault within the air conditioning system can be located, as shown in the table below.

Check code list

The following list shows each check code. Find the check contents from the list according to part to be checked.
• In case of a fault from the indoor remote controller: See “Main remote controller display” in the list.
• In case of a fault from the outdoor unit: See “Outdoor 7-segment display” in the list.
• In case of a fault from the indoor unit with a wireless remote controller:
See “Sensor block display of receiving unit” in the list.










 Toshiba Cassette Type Air Conditioner MANUAL PDF

9 Responses to Toshiba Cassette Type Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. mohamed says:

    I found the problem of error which show E 26 so I need your help. Thank you.

  2. Milind Pitale says:

    I found the problem of error which show p10 so need help. Thank you

  3. Sunishvarghese says:

    When the indoor and outdoor unit running time immediately it will jump in to error P03 so I need your help

  4. balaji says:

    ec eRROR Code

  5. haja says:

    i have a problem toshiba cassette ac 4tr inverter.this ac is start in indoor unit 2mins normaly then show in error display light (operation&ready light flash same time .timer light is standard on).i checked the error in outdoor inverter pcb fault…. now what i do solve this problem…please help my contact

  6. Nilesh raut says:

    P12 error in door overflow what is this and what ishu results this problems plss reply mi

  7. imran pasha says:

    ifound the error H01 please help me in this problem

  8. elgin says:

    mine is infrared control. which never indicate the check button. need help. how to press the remote control and find out the error code. i only can find out is P01 /P10 n P12 at the on/off switch. so dont know is which error. thank you so much.

  9. Farhan khan says:

    Cassette ac error code 00

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