York Air Conditioning Central Error Code

Malfunction and Protection Code Table
EF Other malfunction PF Other Protection
EE Water level checking malfunction PE Reserve
ED Outdoor protection PD Reserve
EC Clear malfunction PC Reserve
EB Inverter Module Protection PB Reserve
EA Compressor Over-current (4 times) PA Reserve
E9 Communication malfunction between PCB and Display board P9 Reserve
E8 Fan motor checking out of control P8 Compressor Over-current
E7 EEPROM malfunction P7 Power Lack/Over Volt Protection
E6 Over-zero checking malfunction P6 Discharge Low-pressure Protection
E5 T3 sensor malfunction P5 Discharge High-pressure Protection
E4 T2B sensor malfunction P4 Discharge Pipe Temp. Protection
E3 T2A sensor malfunction P3 Compressor Temp. Protection
E2 T1 sensor malfunction P2 Condenser High Temp. Protection
E1 Communication malfunction P1 Anti-cooling or Defrost Protection
E0 Phase sequence or lack of phase P0 Evaporator Temp. Protection
03# CCM/PC(gateway) Communication Malfunction
02# CCM/Function Module Communication Malfunction
01# CCM/NIM Communication Malfunction

00# CCM/PCB Communication Malfunction


York Air Conditioning Central manual

21 Responses to York Air Conditioning Central Error Code

  1. Albert says:

    My York airconditioner have a error code EC what is the meaning of error code

  2. Adnan says:

    Could you please tell me that ERR 22 in York ducted ac 3ton stands for what and what will be the reason behind that .


  3. G Kapesa says:

    E5 Error code On ENJC 36 DT-AAR 220V R410A

  4. Senanayake says:

    my York airconditioner have a error code E6 WHAT IS MEANING.

  5. muthukumar says:

    error code e4 already change the coılsenser & room senser &check the presser ıs 60psı 280psı grıll temp ıs 18.5’c

  6. purna chandra Barick says:

    5ton cillng expose ac error code ff

  7. Kanan says:

    İn my York VRV conditioner’s remote control displays has error 15. Please help with it

  8. zam says:

    EF blinking

  9. Niphon says:

    York code 76 what error

  10. ramaraj says:

    Error code EC. What is the meaning

  11. wan supian says:

    my ac u4 ,what meaning

  12. Tomislav Zaja says:

    Error E41,what meaning

  13. VENKATESAN says:

    York inverter 4hp error E3 . What’s the solution TQ.

  14. amir says:

    What does e8 code error mean in ac york (ac series YNDA36FS-ACA) and
    what should be replaced.Thank you

  15. md.rubel sarker says:

    any know alarm “4” what the troubleshooting

  16. Brandi Dye says:

    on my York unit for heat it’s saying e7 and then it shuts off on its own. what’s wrong

  17. shamin says:

    that is thet2a sensor

  18. Gepeng says:

    Mau tanya gan, kalo ac york error 9 apa nya ya…?

  19. Mohd ibrahim says:

    My york air condition error e4code mening

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