York Air Conditioner Error Codes

Temperature Sensor Resistance Readings

Malfunction Code of Outdoor unit

Display Malfunction or Protection

E1 Phase sequence error

E2 Communication malfunction between indoor/outdoor units

E3 T3 temperature sensor malfunction

E4 T4 temperature sensor malfunction

E5 T5 temperature sensor malfunction

E6 Water-level alarm malfunction

Our company provides the end-users with thoughtful services by installing various diagnostic systems to indicate the following irregular performances

Checkcode = FAULT F6

Diagnosis of malfunction = PG motor faults

Checkcode = FAULT F7

Diagnosis of malfunction = Indoor TEMP sensor faults

Checkcode = FAULT F8

Diagnosisofmalfunction = Indoor coil pipe TEMP sensor faults

Checkcode = FAULT F9
Diagnosisofmalfunction = Outdoor coil pipe TEMP sensor faults
York A/C Fault Code 

Indoor Display

E0 ID PCB Fail

E1 Comms Fail

E2 Power Abnormal

E3 ID Fan Fail

E4 OD Sensor Fail

E5 ID Sensor Fail

E6 Inverter Module

P0 IPM Protection

P1 OD Power Supply

P2 Compressor Hi Temp

P3 Outdoor Low Temp

P4 Inverter/Compressor Fail

HVHC Inverter Fault Codes

Indoor Display = E0
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = Off
3 Green = Off
4 Yellow = Off
Connected to Power

Indoor Display = E1
Comms Fail
Outdoor LCDs
1 = Off
2 Red = Off
3 Green = Off
4 Yellow = Off
Power or OD PCB Fail

Indoor Display = E3
Power Abnormal
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = On
3 Green = Off
4 Yellow = Off
Comms Fail

Indoor Display = E4
OD Sensor Fail
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = Off
3 Green = Off
4 Yellow = On
Compressor Overcurrent

Indoor Display = E5
ID Sensor Fail
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = Off
3 Green = Flash
4 Yellow = Flash
OD Air Sensor Fail E5

Indoor Display = E6
Inverter Module
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = Flash
3 Green = Off
4 Yellow = Flash
OD Pipe Sensor Fail E5

Indoor Display = PO
IPM Protection
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = On
3 Green = Flash
4 Yellow = On
OD Power Supply P1

Indoor Display = P1
OD Power Supply
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = Off
3 Green = On
4 Yellow = Off
IPM Protection P0

Indoor Display = P2
Compressor Hi Temp
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = Off
3 Green = On
4 Yellow = On
Compressor Temp P2

Indoor Display = P3
Outdoor Low Temp
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = On
3 Green = Off
4 Yellow = Off
Comms E1

Indoor Display = P4
Inverter/Compressor Fail
Outdoor LCDs
1 = On
2 Red = On
3 Green = Flash
4 Yellow = Flash
Inv / Comp Fail P4

York Air Conditioner Servis Manual 

37 Responses to York Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Imran says:

    My york unit out door pcb bord lighting flashing Lead lag and low amps haft dely so 2 compressor not working please tell me solution

  2. Tayra Castillo says:

    My York Unit lcd flash code En and turns off. Please, can you tell me the problem? Thanks

  3. Gordon says:

    I have a fault code E3 on thr indoor wall mounted model. rVHC12DSAAA-111 there is another model number, RVKC12DSAAF-111, can you help me on this please.

  4. jerry says:

    i ve got propblem with the ac york type cassete on code e8, can you help me to overcame this case

  5. heru says:

    Klo yang 25pk tulisan di sensor 1x apa krusakannya

  6. md yassin says:

    York seystum eror 7 what is faulat

  7. Dickson Addae says:

    I need the solution for P4 for vrv split York air conditioner

  8. amir says:

    u4 inverter 1hp.
    whats the problum?
    red led103 in outdoor

  9. Rajesh says:

    My York cassette a/c model YE1CM60FC7AC22.

    In this the green and red light flashes.while this happens the outdoor is not working.
    What is the problem?

    • JAYABOSE.EA says:

      The problem is with the power. Check the in coming power supply from the isulator and the out going power to the A/c. up to in comming of the mother board.

  10. Suleman khan says:

    Hi sir I am Suleman Khan I have one problem
    For FCU units fan cooile units
    Then I will loang press the button but it’s showing one error code.is 996
    I don’t no what’s is the problem
    Can you explainede me
    May e mail ID is (sulemankhan8624@gmail.com)
    Thank you

  11. A/C CHECKER says:

    i encounter error P-12 on floor mounted york and i haven’t check yet but if somebody knows it , its a great pleasure no know how to fix for it . . .thanks

  12. Ram prajapati says:

    My York air conditioner auto green light blinking after2 minote….

  13. akram ansari says:

    Airconditioner unit showing error code (E3).please tell me clearyfication.

  14. Slavo says:

    I have York YVKC12DS-AAA and Power LED flashes 6x co it means Error code E6 – Communication problem. Can you help me with that? Don’t know what to do and the unit works just the air doesn’t come out cool. thx

  15. michael says:

    My mini split type york it apper E7. What is the possible trouble

  16. Mohammed arif says:

    York hi wall indoor unit coming E2 what is this e2 please tell ne

  17. somnath says:

    Model no ycas 0623 air cooled screw chiller,the error code showing in display 600,601 what is the meaning of this error code please help me.

    • Ahmad raza says:

      I have a problem .that taim I will switch on my DX unit after 15min alarm 4 showing on thermostat.some one can help me what is the problems.

  18. Eider Vanegas says:

    Buenas tardes compañeros… tengo un problema con un aire York. En el panel del display me aparecen los números 3-2-1 en secuencia y el aire no enfría bien incluso en el serpentin inferior no se siente frió…. agradezco sus comentarios

  19. Prathap says:

    Sorry doctable York Ac ph8 what compliment

  20. apsar says:

    My ducyable split ac pc board. showing. Cf. Plz i need solution thanks

  21. Arnold says:

    I have an York invertor type aircon its showing an e5 error even if you change the motherboard in the condenser it also shows the error e5 this started when l fitted a new compressor

  22. Sanjay singh says:

    Please confirmed code 4,6,7,8 model no YSR13BS

  23. Omar garcia says:

    Minisplit york marca error j en display pero sigue funcionando.

  24. Ruben Ayala says:

    Indoor model nos. FLEA48FS-DCR
    What that is mean?
    Compressor runs only few seconds, no signal coming from indoor unit to run the compressor.

  25. IMRAN FAROOQ says:

    Sir,how are you I’m working A.C. Technician saudi Arabia company zamil cool care .

  26. Tauqeer ahmad says:

    Sir york cassicte ac comming e8billing alarm light what problem

  27. Bongies says:

    L3 what it means I don’t this in the error code list thanks

  28. Mohsin Khan says:

    York unit 4 tonnage. Alarm 4 is coming

  29. dinesh says:

    Wall mounted system 4 e3 coming fcu fan motor pcb and cu fan motor pcb all change new one then still e3 coming .. how solw the problem

  30. Muhammad Mohsin says:

    Good morning sir,

    We have a York units we are facing problem 2 units error p10, could you help us.

  31. Godgift Edomwonyi says:

    I have a fault on a york cassette unit were the green LED(light) flashes/blinking 4x (time). when ever is start flashing/blinking the compressor goes off. what should I do?

  32. Salim Shaikh says:

    I am having York Ductable of 17 TR(8.3+8.3) model number is YVC100A35CG. Unit suddnely stop working and showing in remote errow 12sc, 9sc and 3 sc
    kindly suggest the reason

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