Akai Portable AC Error Code

The unit does not work

Ductlessair Mini Split AC Error Codes

Indoor Unit Error Display

Pridiom Split AC Error Codes

Indicates “dF“or defrosting indicator displays / Flicker 1 time/1s / Hint to defrosting

MRCOOL Split AC Error Codes

E1:Actuation of high pressure switch*High pressure switch*Abnormality is detected when the contact of the high pressure switch opens for 3 sec. The system will be shut down. The unit will report this fault. For the first two faults within 30 minutes, the unit can be recovered automatically. If over three times, the unit cannot be recovered automatically.

Goodman Air Conditioner Error Codes

A2 Shorted sensor./Open sensor./Sensor disconnected./Sensor out of range.

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ Series Error Codes

Up to eight different indoor units from the M series and Mr. Slim series

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Air Source Heat Pumps Error Codes

0403 Serial communication error

Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump Error Codes

0403 Serial communication error/Panel communication error

Garrison Portable AC Error Codes

If the unit displays error code E5,

Samsung DVM Plus III Error Codes

Error Code Display on the Panel of Indoor Unit

Carrier RAC and Heat Pumps AC Error Codes

System Communications Failure

Daikin Split Type AC Error Codes – FTXS-L,FDXS-L Series

Cooling Only=Indoor Unit:FTXS30LVJU-FTXS36LVJU , Outdoor Unit RKS30LVJU RKS36LVJU

Gree PTAC – Packaged Terminal AC Error Codes

—STATUS LED Indicator Definitions

Indoor air temp sensor open/short =8-segment display ‘F1’, with STATUS light flash 1 times and off 3 sec, repeat