Akai AC Error Codes (Quick Fixes)

Akai is a Japanese-based consumer electronics manufacturer with headquarters in Hong Kong. The company was founded as Akai Electric Company Ltd in 1946 but was purchased by Grande Holdings based in Hong Kong. While still running under the same name, the company produces and distributes various electronic products such as washing machines, LED TVs, dryers, air conditioners, smartphones, and other appliances. All of which are made possible through collaborations with various electronic companies.

Akai air conditioners are a household name in most of Hong Kong and surrounding areas, making them one of the top choices available. However, the company offers its appliances in other parts of the world through retailers that carry various products.

Regardless of how high a company is ranked, or how well the appliance is reviewed, you are at the risk of an error. An error is not here to tell you it’s time to switch out your appliance, it’s a direct signal from the device – one that tells the owner something is wrong with the system that needs to be fixed. So rather than ignoring the error codes, your appliance is showing its time to note down the Akai AC error code and get to the bottom of the problem. To help you out we have listed down the most common error codes of Akai AC.

Codes List

This air conditioner is equipped with a self-diagnosis function to help you identify potential problems. Should you encounter problems with your air conditioner, contact our after sales support centre using the details on the bottom of the page. However, before calling for service, consult the self-diagnosis information below.

dF: Indicates “dF”or heating icon blinks. Defrost indication. Blinks once per second.

E0: Open the door fault. Open the door fault. Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds.

E1: Outdoor tube temperature sensor faults. Blinks 4 times every 8 seconds.

E2: Room temperature sensor fault. Blinks once every 8 seconds.

E3: Coil temperature sensor. Blinks twice every 8 seconds.

E5: Outdoor feedback. Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds.

E6: (EEPROM) Communication failures. Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds.

E7: External feedback fault. Blinks 7 times every 8 seconds.

E8: Indoor fan fault. Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds.

FF: Outdoor temperature exceeds scope (too cold). Blinks once per second.

Remote Control

Akai AC - Functions of the remote control buttons
Akai AC – Functions of the remote control buttons

Portable AC Troubleshooting

If you experience problems with your air conditioner, check for solutions in the table below. If the problem cannot be solved by simple adjustments, contact our after sales support centre, or contact a licensed air conditioner technician.

E1Environment temperature sensor is broken. Replace the temperature sensor.
E2Temperature sensor on the evaporator is broken. Replace the sensor.
E3Cooling system malfunction caused by the lack of refrigerant. Contact the local repairing technician directly.
E4Water tray is full in the heating mode, but the unit is still working. Empty water in water plate.

Problem: Air conditioner does not work.

Possible cause and solution:

  1. Power failure/disconnected/loose connections; check the power supply and ensure the unit is properly connected.
  2. Timer-on function is activated; cancel it.
  3. Damaged indoor/outdoor unit fan motor; call the after sales support line to arrange a service.
  4. Faulty compressor/thermomagnetic circuit breaker; call for service.
  5. Faulty protective device or fuse; call for service.
  6. Voltage is higher or lower than the required range; call for service.
  7. Electronic control board is damaged; call for service.

Problem: Remote control is unresponsive

Possible cause and solution:

  1. Remote control is too far away; move closer to the indoor unit
  2. Remote control batteries are flat; replace.
  3. Path to the signal receiver is blocked; remove obstructions

Problem: Cooling (Heating) efficiency is not good

Possible cause and solution:

  1. Unsuitable temperature setting — adjust fan speed.
  2. Blocked air intakes/ outlets — clear obstructions.
  3. Dirty air filter — clean the filter.
  4. Fan speed is set to LOW — increase.
  5. Other sources of heat in the room — check

Problem: Indoor unit does not work straight after restarting it

Possible cause and solution: This is not a fault. Once the air conditioner is stopped, you will have to wait for approximately 3 minutes before the unit can be restarted

Problem: Strange odour coming from the outlet

Possible cause and solution:

  1. Odour in the room (from building material, furniture or smoke) is recirculated
  2. Dirty air filter — clean the filter

Problem: Noise like running water when cooling

Possible cause and solution: Refrigerant is flowing inside the unit — no cause for concern

Problem: Mist is emitted when cooling

Possible cause and solution: Cold air used for rapid cooling of the air in the room may resemble fog — no cause for concern

Problem: Mist is emitted when heating

Possible cause and solution: Moisture from the defrosting process generates mist — no cause for concern.

Problem: Low noise is emitted during operation.

Possible cause and solution:

  1. A low hissing sound is caused by the refrigerant flowing.
  2. A low squeak sound is caused by the plastic parts expanding and contracting due to temperature fluctuations.

Problems with Wi-Fi connectivity

Problem: App does not show the air conditioner.

Possible cause and solution:

  1. Check and ensure you have Wi-Fi enabled on your smartphone.
  2. Check and ensure your smartphone and the air conditioner are connected to the same wireless router.
  3. If the air conditioner is correctly connected to the wireless router, the Wi-Fi indicator light on the display should be on

Problem: Remote control via smartphone does not work, despite correct connection

Possible cause and solution: Restart your AKAI Home App or reconnect your smartphone with the wireless router

Akai Portable AC Remote Control
Akai Portable AC Remote Control


Akai Air Conditioner MANUAL PDF

USER MANUAL 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System Air Conditioner – Model Number AK-T25R32

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