Actron Air Conditioning Fault Codes

Troubleshooting & Error Fault Codes 

ESP® Unit Error Fault Codes 

ESP Unit Error Fault Codes E6-E7-E8-E9-E2-E3-E4-E5

ESP Unit Error Fault Codes E6-E7-E8-E9-E2-E3-E4-E5

M Series (AM24 and AM7) Controller Error Fault Codes 

M Series (AM24 and AM7) Controller Error Fault Codes-E7-E9-E5

M Series (AM24 and AM7) Controller Error Fault Codes-E7-E9-E5


C Series (C7-1) Controller Error Fault Codes

C Series C7-1 Controller Error Fault Codes E7-E9-E5

C Series C7-1 Controller Error Fault Codes E7-E9-E5


D Series 24 Hour (AECSN) and 7 Day (AEC7N) Controller Error Fault Codes 

D Series 24 Hour AECSN and 7 Day AEC7N Controller Error Fault Codes E1-E2-E5

D Series 24 Hour AECSN and 7 Day AEC7N Controller Error Fault Codes E1-E2-E5


– Faults may not be displayed on the wall control until the fault occurs several times.
– Phase error will be indicated by a red light on the 3-phase relay.
– Phase correction must be applied to the incoming supply side.


21 Responses to Actron Air Conditioning Fault Codes

  1. Steve Ashe says:

    Client has actron am24-1 split system. E9 code displayed on controller but seems to be either stuck in defrost mode or outdoor unit does not corelate with wall control mode. Unit purchased from Dubbo Aus but supplier not available.
    can you help or describe software function
    regards steve
    Steve Ashe Electrical P/L

  2. Roger says:

    Hi your help is needed urgently as we are experiencing 38deg Celsius and have a baby!

    We have contacted the installer who in turn contacted Actron. We are still waiting on them to call after 3 days.

    Actron Air Split system SWB82E/SWB82C

    E3 message on wall unit. Unit cuts out after operating for a short time.

    How do we fix this?

  3. yaswin says:

    Got e5 fault say communication between
    Indoor to outdoor what could it be

    • Yvonne poloni says:

      Our actron airconditioning unit keeps coming up E5, which says communication error beteeen outdoor and indoor.
      Could you advise me how to rectify this problem.
      Yvonne poloni

    • Optimum Air Conditioning says:

      E5 Fault is possibly caused by rodents chewing interconnecting cables or faulty PCB either in the roof or outdoor unit

  4. John Wehbee says:

    Have a actron split a c
    But it’s keeps cutting off and p4 keeps coming on

  5. Papa G says:

    Hi yaswin
    I too now have got a e5 fault …
    … what did you do?

  6. Belinda Price says:

    Our air conditioner is not blowing cold air and says P4.

  7. Denise Norman says:

    We have an acrtron AM24-8Z-1
    We have 3 zones and one zone is not working . A code P20 and then 10.0 flashes on the screen. Could youleSe advise if this is an easy fix ?

  8. Tory says:

    Have an E9 error on panel for ducted system. Hot new years weekend so hoping there maybe some tips out there. Being a rental it’ll take weeks for them to get someone in like last summer! Any suggestions appreciated. Seems to run intermittently and needs to be on continuous high run to get any relief and I’ve had to drop temp. This will kill the electricity bill while barely working. Still slightly better than nothing with high 30’s outside. Thanks

    • Tanya says:

      Having exactly the same issue with my ducted system and same error. Please let me know when you find a solution – my house is currently 31 degrees inside and it’s 43 outside. The unit will turn on and run normally for about 10 mins before stopping and showing E9 error. The only way to solve so far has been to turn it off for 10 mins and turn back on. As you said… better than nothing but hard to get the house under 30 degrees before it stops each time.

      • Optimum Air Conditioning says:

        E9 is high pressure switch cutting out, try turning the unit on 26 degrees early (9am) when you get those hot days. this will stop the unit working too hard. Also check there is air blowing OUT of both fans. if one isnt spinning the right way it will suck rather than blow, this would cause hp cut out. Make sure air discharge from top of outdoor is clear otherwise this will cut the unit out too.

        • Stephen Heath says:

          Hi everyone, generally this error happens when the filters need cleaning. The low pressure us caused from poor airflow as a result of the blocked filters. Filters need to be cleaned regularly, I recommend once a month for efficient operation.

    • Anil Sharma says:

      Turn one zone off as it has to do something with gas pressure for 3 phase units.

  9. Patrick says:

    Have ducted c7 system and error code E-9 is appearing

  10. Andy says:

    Walk unit showing d3 . Split system.
    Normally shows temp.

  11. Marama says:

    Hi we have E9 appearing on unit. please advise how to fix. we want cold air. its so hot!!!Tnanks Marama

  12. Heather says:

    Hi my Actron air fault code is EC? Which I can’t find in any of the fault code brochures?
    Can anyone tell me what it means?


  13. anthony formiatti says:

    actron model SWB52C code E1, advise method to fix, middle of long weekend

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