Comfortaire Mini Split Ductless AC Error Codes

VMH 09/12/18/24 Version C Inverter Single Zone  Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

InverterFlex® Series Ceiling Cassette VFH12/18/24CA- E1-E2-E3-E4-E6-E9-F0-F3-F4-F5

Comfort Aire Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners Error Codes

Comfort Aire Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners Error Codes



InverterFlex® Series Ceiling Cassette VFH121824CA- E1-E2-E3-E4-E6-E9-F0-F3-F4-F5

InverterFlex® Series Ceiling Cassette VFH121824CA- E1-E2-E3-E4-E6-E9-F0-F3-F4-F5






22 Responses to Comfortaire Mini Split Ductless AC Error Codes

  1. JAMES TALLMAN says:

    Has anybody else experienced alot of problems with these units circuitboards? Im getting an E1 error code on a brand new system I installed today, but high pressure protection doesnt make any sense as the outdoor unit wont even turn on. Ive had to change out boards 3 times in the last year so Im thinking that may be my problem here today. Anybody have any experience with these systems & an E1 error code?

    • Drew novack says:

      Wondering if you checked communication wires ell1andell 2 corectlly matched with indoor and gg outdoor?just double check in case

    • Anne Pollack says:

      Did you ever get an answer or have this fixed? We’ve had our units for a year and they have always gone to E1 after a few hours of whatever fix comfort aire told us to do. We’ve changed all circuit boards, wires and adjusted the freon.

    • Dave says:

      Installed one today started it up and also got an e1 error code the condenser never did start all the wireing checked ok it’s a 208v system also is the e1 code different on 208v it is on the 110v units one e1 code is telling me high psi the outher e1 code shoes miscommunication

  2. Leonard huny says:

    Its reading be not sure but not turning on

  3. stephanie says:

    what does E3 on the indoor unit display mean?

  4. Matthew brady says:

    In heat mode all my units work but after a week or two they shutdown and start flashing the heat symbol

  5. JP says:

    Getting a E6 error code. Communication error. How do I fix this? Just installed unit.

  6. Marian Byrnes says:

    we are getting EC code and then shuts down after 30-45min of start up

  7. James says:

    I am getting a E7 code, what is a running mode conflict?

  8. Robert Zarr says:

    My unit starts up but after about 1 minute it shuts down and the code C9 shows on the wall unit but not the remote. It will restart but not remain running. Shuts down again and shows code C9. I do not see a code C9 in the fault codes.

  9. Rodney Long says:

    I am getting F0 code on ch1012cd(0) 1.5 years old

  10. Bob says:

    My Samsung ductless heat pump will not start flowing a power outage, It now flashes E1 and 03. What do these codes mean? Could the circuit breaker on the outside unit fix the problem?

  11. MARIO WALSH says:

    we installed a 24000 btu unit it is giving some heat but not full potential showing code F3 is this a faulty outside sensor

  12. Henry Schoelier says:

    We are getting an error code. What does that mean

  13. Henry Schoelier says:

    My compressor will not come at all. For cool or heat.
    We get an error code outside p7 and inside p4
    What is wrong

  14. Lois Heckman says:

    My unit shut down and I have a EC code flashing. It will not turn back on. what does this mean?

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