Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Some models are factory equipped with the Comfort Alert Diagnostics device in the control box (refer to Figure

16). Comfort Alert provides around−the−clock monitoring for common electrical problems, compressor defects, and broad system faults. If trouble is detected, an alert code is displayed with a flashing LED indicator. Alert codes are listed in Figure 17. The device is factory wired and requires no modification. Low voltage lead wires are provided in the control box for connection to thermostat wires (use wire nuts). The Comfort Alert device operates by monitoring the compressor power leads and the thermostat demand signal (Y terminal). It draws constant 24 VAC power at the R and C terminals.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

 Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Manual PDF

  • Flash Code number corresponds to a number of LED flashes, followed by a pause and then repeated.
    TRIP and ALERT LEDs flashing at same time means control circuit voltage is too low for operation.
    Reset ALERT Flash code by removing 24VAC power from module.
    Last ALERT Flash code is displayed for 1 minute after module is powered on.

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  1. Nilo says:

    My galanz 9000btu Air Conditinor the three indicator bulbs are blinking ‘RUN SLEEP TIME’Kindly advice.

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