Daikin Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

The following incidents do not indicate a malfunctioning air conditioner and have explanations. The air conditioner can continue to operate. 




Call the service shop immediately.

Call the service shop immediately.

Fault diagnosis.

Fault diagnosis.

Possible sounds

Possible sounds

These incidents are not malfunctions

These incidents are not malfunctions


10 Responses to Daikin Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

  1. s a s wasantha says:


  2. KYAW HTUN says:

    how to settle j2 fault

  3. SUDHIR KHOSLA says:

    My Daikin invertor AC becomes a liability when it rains or humidity level goes up. It does not start when we give command thru remote. Green light blinks and keeps on blinking but the unit does not cool.Kindly help me out.

    • Ugo says:

      Hello Sudhir, it is raining here in Montreal and we have the same problem: blinking green light and nothing works. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!

  4. Shamim says:

    It’s been only 1 year and 3 months and AC is not working well.

  5. Vinay says:

    The green light blinks and Ac doesn’t cool and shuts off on cool mode. Fan works on dry mode

  6. mohamed musaid says:

    12000btu daikine airconditioner outdoor unit compressor is not working what is the soliution

  7. Linnea says:

    I have an A5 error code, how do I proceed?

  8. Barrie Hildebrandt says:

    Fan speed very slow when set on high, and also very slow when set on auto?

  9. selvam says:

    Our daikin invert ac first time300psi L5AFTER GAS DOWN 250PSI IDEAL AFTER H6 ERROR HOW RECTIFY THIS

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