Daikin Fault Codes

Daikin Air Conditioning Error Codes – Error category : Indoor Unit :
17 A0 Indoor Unit External protection devices activated
18 A1 Indoor unit PCB assembly failure
19 A2 Interlock error for fan
20 A3 Drain level system error
21 A4 Temperature of heat exchanger (1) error
22 A5 Temperature of heat exchanger (2) error
23 A6 Fan motor locked, overload, over current
24 A7 Swing flap motor error
25 A8 Overcurrent of AC input
26 A9 Electronic expansion valve drive error
27 AA Heater overheat
28 AH Dust collector error / No-maintenance filter error
30 AJ Capacity setting error (indoor)
31 AE Shortage of water supply
32 AF Malfunctions of a humidifier system (water leaking)
33 C0 Malfunctions in a sensor system
36 C3 Sensor system of drain water error
37 C4 Heat exchanger (1) (Liquid pipe) thermistor system error
38 C5 Heat exchanger (1) (Gas pipe) thermistor system error
39 C6 Sensor system error of fan motor locked, overload
40 C7 Sensor system of swing flag motor error
41 C8 Sensor system of over-current of AC input
42 C9 Suction air thermistor error
43 CA Discharge air thermistor system error
44 CH Contamination sensor error
45 CC Humidity sensor error
46 CJ Remote control thermistor error
47 CE Radiation sensor error
48 CF High pressure switch sensor

Error category : Outdoor Unit 

49 E0 Protection devices activated
50 E1 Outdoor uni9t PCB assembly failure
52 E3 High pressure switch (HPS) activated
53 E4 Low pressure switch (LPS) activated
54 E5 Overload of inverter compressor motor
55 E6 Over current of STD compressor motor
56 E7 Overload of fan motor / Over current of fan motor
57 E8 Over current of AC input
58 E9 Electronic expansion valve drive error
59 EA Four-way valve error
60 EH Pump motor over current
61 EC Water temperature abnormal
62 EJ (Site installed) Protection device activated
63 EE Malfunctions in a drain water
64 EF Ice thermal storage unit error
65 H0 Malfunctions in a sensor system
66 H1 Air temperature thermistor error
67 H2 Sensor system of power supply error
68 H3 High Pressure switch is faulty
69 H4 Low pressure switch is faulty
70 H5 Compressor motor overload sensor is abnormal
71 H6 Compressor motor over current sensor is abnormal
72 H7 Overload or over current sensor of fan motor is abnormal
73 H8 Sensor system of over-current of AC input
74 H9 Outdoor air thermistor system error
75 HA Discharge air thermistor system error
76 HH Pump motor sensor system of over current is abnormal
77 HC Water temperature sensor system error
79 HE Sensor system of drain water is abnormal
80 HF Ice thermal storage unit error (alarm)
81 F0 No.1 and No.2 common protection device operates.
82 F1 No.1 protection device operates.
83 F2 No.2 protection device operates
84 F3 Discharge pipe temperature is abnormal
87 F6 Temperature of heat exchanger(1) abnormal
91 FA Discharge pressure abnormal
92 FH Oil temperature is abnormally high
93 FC Suction pressure abnormal
95 FE Oil pressure abnormal
96 FF Oil level abnormal
97 J0 Sensor system error of refrigerant temperature
98 J1 Pressure sensor error
99 J2 Current sensor error
100 J3 Discharge pipe thermistor system error
101 J4 Low pressure equivalent saturated temperature sensor system error
102 J5 Suction pipe thermistor system error
103 J6 Heat exchanger(1) thermistor system error
104 J7 Heat exchanger(2) thermistor system error
105 J8 Oil equalizer pipe or liquid pipe thermistor system error
106 J9 Double tube heat exchanger outlet or gas pipe thermistor system error
107 JA Discharge pipe pressure sensor error
108 JH Oil temperature sensor error
109 JC Suction pipe pressure sensor error
111 JE Oil pressure sensor error
112 JF Oil level sensor error
113 L0 Inverter system error
116 L3 Temperature rise in a switch box
117 L4 Radiation fin (power transistor) temperature is too high
118 L5 Compressor motor grounded or short circuit, inverter PCB fault
119 L6 Compressor motor grounded or short circuit, inverter PCB fault
120 L7 Over current of all inputs
121 L8 Compressor over current, compressor motor wire cut
122 L9 Stall prevention error (start-up error) Compressor locked, etc.
123 LA Power transistor error
125 LC Communication error between inverter and outdoor control unit
129 P0 Shortage of refrigerant (thermal storage unit)
130 P1 Power voltage imbalance, open phase
132 P3 Sensor error of temperature rise in a switch box
133 P4 Radiation fin temperature sensor error
134 P5 DC current sensor system error
135 P6 AC or DC output current sensor system error
136 P7 Total input current sensor error
142 PJ Capacity setting error (outdoor)

Error category : System 

145 U0 Low pressure drop due to insufficient refrigerant or electronic expansion valve error, etc.
146 U1 Reverse phase, Open phase
147 U2 Power voltage failure / Instantaneous power failure
148 U3 Failure to carry out check operation, transmission error
149 U4 Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit, communication error between
outdoor unit and BS unit
150 U5 Communication error between remote control and indoor unit / Remote control board failure or
setting error for remote control
151 U6 Communication error between indoor units
152 U7 Communication error between outdoor units / Communication error between outdoor unit and
ice thermal storage unit
153 U8 Communication error between main and sub remote controllers (sub remote control error) /
Combination error of other indoor unit / remote control in the same system (model)
154 U9 Communication error between other indoor unit and outdoor unit in the same system /
Communication error between other BS unit and indoor/outdoor unit
155 UA Combination error of indoor/BS/outdoor unit (model, quantity, etc.), setting error of spare parts
PCB when replaced
156 UH Improper connection of transmission wiring between outdoor and outdoor unit outside control
157 UC Centralized address duplicated
158 UJ Attached equipment transmission error
159 UE Communication error between indoor unit and centralized control device
160 UF Failure to carrey out check operation Indoor-outdoor, outdoor-outdoor communication error,

Error category : Others 

209 60 All system error
210 61 PC board error
211 62 Ozone density abnormal
212 63 Contamination sensor error
213 64 Indoor air thermistor system error
214 65 Outdoor air thermistor system error
217 68 HVU error (Ventiair dust-collecting unit)
219 6A Dumper system error
220 6H Door switch error
221 6C Replace the humidity element
222 6J Replace the high efficiency filter
223 6E Replace the deodorization catalyst
224 6F Simplified remote controller error
226 51 Fan motor of supply air over current or overload
227 52 Fan motor of return air over current / Fan motor of return air overload
228 53 Inverter system error (supply air side)
229 54 Inverter system error (return air side)
241 40 Humidifying valve error
242 41 Chilled water valve error
243 42 Hot water valve error
244 43 Heat exchanger of chilled water error
245 44 Heat exchanger of hot water error
258 31 The humidity sensor of return air sensor
259 32 Outdoor air humidity sensor error
260 33 Supply air temperature sensor error
261 34 Return air temperature sensor error
262 35 Outdoor air temperature sensor error
263 36 Remote controller temperature sensor error
267 3A Water leakage sensor 1 error
268 3H Water leakage sensor 2 error
269 3C Dew condensation error
339 M2 Centralized remote controller PCB error
345 M8 Communication error between centralized remote control devices
347 MA Centralized remote control devices inappropriate combination
349 MC Centralized remote controller address setting error

Error category : STC-DAIKIN A/C

65535 N/A  Comunication error with the A.C.

In case you detect an error code not listed, contact your nearest Daikin technical support service.

Daikin Fault Codes Pdf

Daikin AC Manual Pdf

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  1. aungmyatkyaw says:

    i want to know error codes of Daikin flow standing type.

    • mustafa says:

      Daikin vrv3 inverter rxyq8pylk show j3-07 I am replaced discharge line temp themistor but same error show why

  2. Homero García Dávila says:

    Facilitar daikin services en español, tambien el de las soluciones,daikin equip, apara poder identificar fallas,soluciones y settings

  3. panca says:

    kode A3 solusinya gmn gan???

    • Rajesh says:

      Dear sir
      Daikin vrv 111 inverter wall mount split AC A3 error code showing how to release the code please inform me

      Regarding by.

  4. arno says:

    what can I do if the unit is just showing u2

  5. geo francies says:

    Caset ac indoorunit 1minig working after redlight flashing. what is the complaint??.

  6. Christopher odhiambo says:

    how can i correct the error code Lc 14-inverter1 transmission trouble,l have tried to clear the error but in vain

  7. anandram says:

    I want technic from daikin in hindi

  8. anandram says:

    Hello i want fault and repair service daikin pls help me

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    Hello daikin sir

  10. wall mounted Daikin air conditioning eror code u 4 what problem please help me

  11. abrar husain says:

    sir vrv 3 code is u4 but cumminication line &in is on but no reset no test plc sajece

  12. V.RAMAMURTHY says:

    Daikin ductable ac eccer code how to reset

  13. Jayaseelan says:

    UE error code how to reset

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