Daikin VRV 4 Fault Codes

In case a malfunction code appears on the indoor unit user interface display, contact your installer and inform the malfunction code, the unit type, and serial number (you can find this information on the nameplate of the unit). For your reference, a list with malfunction codes is provided. You can, depending on the level of the malfunction code, reset the code by pushing the ON/OFF button. If not, ask your installer for advice.
A0 External protection device was activated
A1 EEPROM failure (indoor)
A3 Drain system malfunction (indoor)
A6 Fan motor malfunction (indoor)
A7 Swing flap motor malfunction (indoor)
A9 Expansion valve malfunction (indoor)
AF Drain malfunction (indoor unit)
AH Filter dust chamber malfunction (indoor)
AJ Capacity setting malfunction (indoor)-

C1 Transmission malfunction between main PCB and sub PCB (indoor)
C4 Heat exchanger thermistor malfunction (indoor; liquid)
C5 Heat exchanger thermistor malfunction (indoor; gas)
C9 Suction air thermistor malfunction (indoor)
CA Discharge air thermistor malfunction (indoor)
CE Movement detector or floor temperature sensor malfunction (indoor)
CJ User interface thermistor malfunction (indoor)
E1 PCB malfunction (outdoor)
E2 Current leakage detector was activated (outdoor)
E3 High pressure switch was activated
E4 Low pressure malfunction (outdoor)
E5 Compressor lock detection (outdoor)
E7 Fan motor malfunction (outdoor)
E9 Electronic expansion valve malfunction (outdoor)
F3 Discharge temperature malfunction (outdoor)
F4 Abnormal suction temperature (outdoor)
F6 Refrigerant overcharge detection
H3 High pressure switch malfunction
H4 Low pressure switch malfunction
H7 Fan motor trouble (outdoor)
H9 Ambient temperature sensor malfunction (outdoor)
J1 Pressure sensor malfunction
J2 Current sensor malfunction
J3 Discharge temperature sensor malfunction (outdoor)
J4 Heat exchanger gas temperature sensor malfunction (outdoor)
J5 Suction temperature sensor malfunction (outdoor)
J6 De-icing temperature sensor malfunction (outdoor)
J7 Liquid temperature sensor (after subcool HE) malfunction (outdoor)
J8 Liquid temperature sensor (coil) malfunction (outdoor)
J9 Gas temperature sensor (after subcool HE) malfunction (outdoor)
JA High pressure sensor malfunction (S1NPH)
JC Low pressure sensor malfunction (S1NPL)
L1 INV PCB abnormal
L4 Fin temperature abnormal
L5 Inverter PCB faulty
L8 Compressor over current detected
L9 Compressor lock (startup)
LC Transmission outdoor unit – inverter: INV transmission trouble
P1 INV unbalanced power supply voltage
P2 Autocharge operation related
P4 Fin thermistor malfunction
P8 Autocharge operation related
P9 Autocharge operation related
PE Autocharge operation related
PJ Capacity setting malfunction (outdoor)
U0 Abnormal low pressure drop, faulty expansion valve
U1 Reversed power supply phase malfunction
U2 INV voltage power shortage
U3 System test run not yet executed
U4 Faulty wiring indoor/outdoor
U5 Abnormal user interface – indoor communication
U7 Faulty wiring to Q1/Q2
U8 Abnormal main-sub user interface communication
U9 System mismatch. Wrong type of indoor units combined. Indoor unit malfunction.
UA Connection malfunction over indoor units or type mismatch
UC Centralized address duplication
UE Malfunction in communication centralized control device – indoor unit
UF Auto address malfunction (inconsistency)
UH Auto address malfunction (inconsistency)

Daikin VRV 4 Manual PDF

7 Responses to Daikin VRV 4 Fault Codes

  1. yusuf khan says:

    Would no.1 company daikin all system easy complaint and service thanks daikin

  2. Zaheer Ali says:

    May parboulam lloyd cassat a/c model no.flc 48a
    Errau e 8

  3. Glen Simonsen says:

    On new installation, on startup. I have 3 bs boxes and 11 fan coils. After powering up the system, 7 fan coil controllers display “U3-03”, 3 display “UH”,(also, master),U3 according to code list means iniation is not complete, so how do I complete the iniation? Is the VRV IV PDF available online? Thank you for your time!

  4. Munawwar says:

    ı have problems with rmk140javm model ac. ıt’s capacity 14.5 kw. refrigerant r22. ıt’s showing uo. ı have done all my best. top uped gass and changer expentıon valve. bıt ıts not working. what can ı do?

    • Alex says:

      Check resistance readings on Coil thermistor, Ambient thermistor, and LP sensor. Then outdoor PCB. I am guessing by “changer expention valve” you mean you have changed the EXV? Did you change the stepper motor or the complete valve. The stepper motors usually have 5 wires which are basically 2 seperate motors inside the stepper module. Check resistance readings on these. Basically in other words call a real Fridgie to do the work…

  5. NGOOBI HAKIMU says:

    how to solve error code lc14 on a vrv iv air conditioner

  6. moses muchima says:

    System is giving an error,-02 U3 on both the out and indoor,on the outdoor,its showing,mode-,set 0,return-2/3.what does it mean when it says executed.

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