Gree Air Conditioners Error Codes

The fault code is deduced from the number of times the green LED flashes, blocking unit operation.

C5:Malfunction of connector jumper: Check if the connector jumper contacts properly. If the PCB is to be replaced, please take off the old for the new PCB

F1:Malfunction of indoor ambient temperature sensor:Check if indoor room temperature sensor is connected properly.

F2:Malfunction of evaporator temperature sensor:Check if the evaporator temperature is connected properly.

H1:Defrosting:It is normal

H6:Indoor fan block:Check if terminal of the indoor motor is connected properly. Replace the fan motor or the indoor board if disabled.

Refrigerant system high pressure protection E1

Anti-freezing protection E2

Compressor exhaust high temperature protection E4

AC over-current protection E5

Communication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unit E6

Anti-high temperature protection E8

No feedback of indoor fan motor H6

Jumper cap malfunction protection C5

Indoor ambient sensor open or short circuit F1

Indoor tube sensor open or short circuit F2

Outdoor ambient sensor open or short circuit F3

Outdoor tube sensor open or short circuit F4

Exhaust sensor open or short circuit F5

Over load limit / drop frequency F6

Over current limit / drop frequency F8

High exhaust temperature limit / drop frequency F9

Over voltage protection for PN PH

AC current detect circuit malfunction U5

Compressor reverse protection U4

Over compressor phase current protection P5

Inlet tube sensor malfunction b5

Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction L3

Outlet tube sensor malfunction b7

Door malfunction FC

Compressor overload sensor malfunction FE

Defrosting H1

Static clearing dust protection H2

Compressor over load protection H3

System abnormal protection H4

IPM protection H5

PFC protection HC

Compressor loss step protection H7

Heating anti-high temperature drop frequency H0

Startup failure Lc

Compressor protection against loss of phase U2

Compressor phase current detection circuit malfunction U1

Compressor demagnetization protection HE

Loading EEPROM malfunction EE

Communication failure between main board and driver board P6

Capacitor charge malfunction PU

IPM sensor circuit malfunction P7

IPM high temperature protection P8

PN voltage drop protection U3

Low PN voltage protection PL

Current detect circuit malfunction or Current sensor malfunction Pc

Compressor loss of phase protection Ld

Compressor locked rotary protection LE

IPM over temperature limit / drop frequency EU

4-way valve reversal abnormal U7

Disconnection of the exhaust temperature sensor U8

AC power zero voltage detect error U9

Over tube temperature drop frequency FA

Anti-freezing limit / drop frequency FH

Gree Cassette Type Air Conditioner Error Codes




Gree Split Air Conditioner Manual PDF

Gree Split Air Conditioner Manual PDF

Gree Split Air Conditioner Service Manual PDF

178 Responses to Gree Air Conditioners Error Codes

  1. abolfazl says:

    I have spilet 42000gree.when want comperssor start disply on lcd error e1 and no work spilet.howe I can fixed these error

  2. tariq javed says:

    What is the solution for e6 error in gree ac ?
    i am stuck …. plzzz reply me how to set up communication between indoor and outdoor again and overcome the error

    • Vincent says:

      communication error, exterior pcb failure, or it’s the voltage filter who died or wired burned, so the pcb doesnt receive 240volt, maybe just 120.

      • peter malouhos says:

        where is the voltage filter located on outside unit, on gree neo 36 I have an e6 error code, replaced both inside and outside boards, and i still get an immediate e6 code when turning on unit!!!

    • marjon says:

      e6-means error communication between indoor and outdoor.

  3. Joseph buttigieg says:

    ı have gree aırcondıtıon , model code (gwh12mb-k3dna3a/ı) showıng an error code of (h5), and from the lıst above says that the error code corespond to (ıpm current protectıon) what does ıt means ? and please some to tıp to repaır ıt .
    thanks ın advance

    • Roger Lee says:

      H5 is an over heat / over current protection. With the power off check all the connections down the the compressor, while there check the compressor winding (0.5 ohms ~ 2 ohms and to earth >500 M ohms)
      Check on the main outdoor PCB for a short between P and N and P or N to U V W, using a diode checker, check between P and U V W and then between U V W and N, these should be the same (0.3 V ~ 0.7 V) If any of these are shorted or are different to the rest then the outdoor PCB needs to be changed.
      This fault could also occur if the unit was placed under a larger load, but once turned off and allowed to cool down should restart.

  4. Jitendra gupta says:

    Error E6

    • Roger Lee says:

      E6 is an communication error, check that all of the wires are connected correctly and that none have come loose or broken.
      On the outdoor unit there are three LED’s, if any of these LED’s are on then the IC has failed so you need to change the main outdoor PCB.
      If the green LED blinks once every second then comms is ok.
      If the red LED is blinking check the voltage between terminal 2 and the neutral. The voltage should swing between zero and 20 VAC, if it does, the indoor has sent a signal and this has not been received by the outdoor, replace the outdoor PCB. If the voltage does not change, then no signal has been sent, check the interconnecting wiring and check for loose connections before replacing the indoor PCB

    • Umar says:

      gree ac gs-16cıt3f e6 eror plzz tell me sloutıon

  5. azhar ali says:

    sir i have Mcquay vrf MODLE MDS300BR Showing e3 error code on INDOOR AND ER66 ON OUTDOOR PCB sir what problem

    • Martin Roberts says:

      I am getting an error messsage dd on the mcquay split unit.. Can you help me to get an answer for this code… Please email me the answer and steps to take to correct that error…

  6. john kemp says:

    I have a 42000btu heat pump the unit ran great for two m. I started it or tryed to the unit gave a h3 code …found the code here on this web site. How do I reset it?

  7. Cathy Wadkins says:

    I have a split system and I have had it for 1 year right at it, but I have had 2 units leak water down my wall and floor in the house and I had the outside drains blowed out but now all my units are sitting on a Error code E3.
    Can you tell me what’s wrong with it, before I got to run
    This unit for the summer it had a code E3 and it cost me
    $500.00 for the Freeon not enough put in it.

    • Vincent says:

      You have a leak of gaz, units must have frozen

      • Vincent says:

        the technicien must check for leak of gaz, if units is new, i would check first flares nut, and behing the head wall units has well.

        The leak must be fixed. 500$ of R410 in a split type? he must have been there for hours i guess…..

  8. jose says:

    tengo problemas con el code U8

  9. Jawwad Altaf says:

    I have a brand new GREE inverter AC model GS-18CITH2G. After two days of operation, the AC showed error code U9 and the outer unit would not start. After 3-4 days, the error went away and the unit started. Can you please explain about the error and how it went away automatically ?

  10. AUNG BO BO says:

    Pls reply me
    error code of GMV-Rm400W/Na-M

  11. Ajorge says:

    “H6” is showing in the display. How do I resolve this? Please help.
    Gree Aircon KF-25C split type.

  12. Marco says:

    I am getting E5 10 minutes after I run the A/C on heater mode

  13. randy says:

    I have a Gree Terra heat pump. The unit will start up and after a short time will shut down. The white indicator light for heat will blink every 15 seconds or so. If I turn it completely off and then back on, it will do okay. Where do I find the error codes? And what might be the reason for the shut down?

  14. Ferdy says:

    We encountered an error H3 for split type gree hot and cold. Unit working good in cool mode but for the heat mode just working 1 minute and H3 error appeared on the display and there is a continuous sound clicking on the pcb…

  15. Majdi says:

    What is the meaning of code error H1

  16. Agus oggy says:

    Ac gree saya mengalami masalah dengan kode error u8 apa yang harus di perbaiki mohon solusi nya. Terima kasih

  17. Carleton Knotts says:

    My indoor unit shows E7 error when I try and use the heat mode. What is E7?

    • Frank Cohen says:

      In my case, I had one unit on Air Conditioning and the other on Heat. Both have to be on the same mode or one off and the other in a mode.

  18. andrea says:

    Hi I have moved into a brand new apartment with a brand new GREE air conditioner in my bedroom, after a 2 hours or so it goes into E2 and stops. I understand the description of this error but how do I prevent it? The unit is brand new and I leave it on 22/23 degrees cool and low fan / economy. Why is the bulb getting so cold that it has to stop? I have to reset the aircon on my main switch box in order to get it going again. Please advise what can be done as it is brand new and should not require service, will it be a warranty thing? .. very frustrating. Your help will be appreciated.

  19. Loen says:

    we have a gree split type a/c with model number gwhd36ne3ao and we encounterd an error code H3 and we tried to reset it, indoor unit is working with error code H3 flashing but no cold coz the compressor is not working..plese help me to fix this problem.

  20. santraj says:

    I have new installation gree a/c 24000btu I start the unit thine in door olli dray mode walking not working in cooll mode haw to solve the problem

  21. Saber says:

    Hi I habe a gree split system 24btu model viola. On heating mode everytime temperature outdoor falls under 10c the unit stpp working and displays error L3. What is the cause and what is the solutions.

    • alex says:

      and ı have problem wıth same code l3. my a/c ıs splıt multı unıt. one outdoor unıt wıth two ındoor unıts.and thıs happened on cool choıce. there ıs someone who knows what happened?

  22. Shabbir says:

    ı have gree lomo gs-18lm4. head mode ıs not operated sır.please how can be operated.

  23. Shabbir says:

    ı have gree lomo gs-18lm4.heat mode can not be opearated on that ac. how can be opeated

  24. Anas says:

    I got 2 installation of gree inverter 13000btu,1 is working ok snd second one is not working.its indicates LP.all connection is ok.can’t find the trouble.please help.

  25. parame jean-daniel says:

    Bonjour;j’ai un code H8 ; pouvez-vous me dire comment l’annuler svp,merci

  26. Keith says:

    Have a gree heat pump with code F0. Wondering if we should replace the sensor

    • danial says:

      im have the same prolem. its said that f0 stand for error in coil sensor. but after i replace its, indoor unit still display f0. please admin help us

  27. Andres says:

    Hola tengo un problema con mi unidad ne da error HC y dice q. Es pfc proteccion de la unidad pero q. Hacer para resolver este codigo

  28. Patrick says:

    What does error code u5 mean and what is the cause for this

  29. faraz says:

    what is the solution of E6 error?

  30. stefan says:

    I have gree 18 mc the error on the display is 0E what is wrong whit it

  31. GHULAM ABBAS says:

    ı have stıll ın problum my gree splıt unıt ac show error (pl).please gıve any sloutıon how ı resolve thıs error ı am stıll waıtıng your reply.

  32. Sidheeq says:

    (C5)erro code what is this?

  33. yoosuf ali says:

    (error code S2 whats is it ??/

  34. Prince Alam says:

    Falcon split ac. Problem error e4
    What the problem give idea sir

  35. Prince Alam says:

    Falcon split ac error code e4 tell me answer new ac

  36. Ahmer says:

    Nice information and thanks

  37. Hermie says:

    What is the best remedy for e4 trouble

  38. Bob says:

    I have a Gree Evo GWH18AC-D3DNA2D giving me an error code “PH”. What is the solution to this problem? Thanks.

  39. gagassan Mohamed says:

    i have an gree air conditioner …. now its showing Error code U8 on its display. and its nt working now… please help me to solve this

  40. Usman says:

    My gree ac 1.5 ton is showing E6 error on display, I already shutdown the unit
    What remedy should i take to resolve now

  41. Reza says:

    My inverter is showing U9 error and compressor is not on…what to do

  42. Aurangzeb says:

    My gree ac 1.25 ton shows an error of SE
    What does it mean?

  43. faisal says:

    how to solve ph problem on gree ac

  44. Romeo says:

    I have gree inverter split.. it display PL error on display screan what can i do?

  45. Mudassir says:


  46. Teagan says:

    how can I fix e2 & e3?

  47. Traiq says:

    I have problem at AC split ( Klean air),noticed that appeared ( E7) .and stop working.

    How can I solve this matter?

    Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

  48. Najeeb Anwar says:

    I have Gree 2Ton Ac it shows error code E 1 and it stop working, what should I do, please advise.
    Najeeb Anwar

  49. Muhammad Asif says:

    i have gree G10 1.5 AC it shows error U8 what should i do

  50. Shamroz bashir says:

    My gree inverter show error U9

  51. leon says:

    my gree split unit has an error co fo could you tell me the problem thank you leon

  52. cindi says:

    I have a code U8 what does that mean and how do I fix it?

  53. mike says:

    Please help my gree is showing U8. And not working,. What does the code mean and what do I need to remedy it? Thanks

  54. Nicole says:

    I have an H8 code in a portable gree 13-04661. Please help me. I ha e respitory problem and can’t stay under hot temperature

  55. Beaamanifary says:

    Code erreur haier f1

  56. Sheikh Tanvir says:

    My Gree AC Inverter fron display not showing any thing full dark no red light or any other light what can i do to recover front display although AC working good

  57. singh says:

    Hi gree unt error code H6 coming pls tell me solution

  58. M Usman says:

    Last month main na 18 CITH2 1.5 gree model purchase kia and use krta rha. today main na ac ko ES mode main chlya 30 mints ka bad e6 ka error aa gya .jis ko remove kr lya. but ab ya normal mode main bhi 1 or 2 hr ka bad error dena lg gya ha.kindly help me on it.

  59. Arshad Malik says:

    Error shows E6 (Indor and outdoor communication error)
    What should i do?

  60. amir Khan says:

    When I start my ac at generator it shows u9 error code. Please tell me about this code thanks

  61. Jorj says:

    I have a 2 brand new gree 18000btu from 1 month ago, now the screen of both switched off but the compressor and the split still working properly.
    May i know what is happened with them?

  62. Kenny says:

    Unit reading e6 trying to figure out how to repair.

  63. tudor larisa daniela says:

    Quale e il significato del codice h5 e come si risolve?

  64. Con athan says:

    I have an error codef0…what does this mean please

  65. Sunny says:

    Dear sir I have voltas window ac 1.5 ton 3 star .when I started the unit after some time f2 error come .how can I solv this problem sir

  66. Mohammad Bilal says:

    I have inverter split 2 tons facing some problems like while running it get shut off but display remains on first error code PL
    DISPLAY on the screen
    After some time system found DEAD no air no display no nothing after half an hour suddenly system get started without any touching and gives ERROR CODE U8 I SWITCHED OFF MY UNIT SO PLEASE GUIDE ME AS I USING FIRST TIME

  67. ayeshaazam says:

    my greeGS 1ton showing F2 error how i can resolve it at hom

  68. Byron says:

    Compressor loss step protection (H7) what solutions do you suggest

  69. Mairaj says:

    I have gree ac in problim f1 how solve

  70. Elbert amen says:

    Dear sir we have a gree cassette type 2 tons error is h4 what will I do

  71. Azad says:

    Dear sir , my ac showing h5 ipm pl. Give solution

  72. Donna Solden says:

    Our Gree split air conditioner units has recently been showing an E4 error message. Do we need to turn the unit off to protect the compressor? Does the outside temperature cause this problem?

  73. Kr. Yohannan says:

    My one split8a/c showing f7 and other one shows e5 what I do

  74. Jason Collins says:

    My gree unit says fo on display and is not working. What do I do?

  75. Jesse Mejias says:

    What kind of communication on the e6 from indoor unit and outdoor unit. How do you fix that?

  76. Dr. Alamgir says:

    My Gree 1.5 ton split AC showing E5 in indoor unit display. please mention what is the solution?

  77. Kevin Kapekele says:

    IgREE aircon and its giving me error H6. what is the solution?

  78. Md.Motiur Rahman says:

    how to solv E4 alarm

  79. Samsuma Tatig says:

    ما هي وظيفة H3

  80. sankha ghosh says:

    Bluestar 1.5 ton 3 star split ac model. 3hw18vc indoor unit display shown E1

  81. Ashley Biggs says:

    How do I fix error code E2

  82. TAHIR says:

    we are facing problem wit model no gs24gpr abnormal air cutting sound ples any information about the abnormal air cutting sound

  83. ROY says:

    E6 check coms wire from indoor and outdoor if it corresponds. With a tester check on N2 and N for coms if you get 22volts. Check on outdoor pc board if on TR-in you get 220/240 , connect t the transformer wire to tr -in and check if you get 12volts on transformer wire to tr-in

  84. Hafiz Ahmad says:

    How solve this problem
    U9 error code display

  85. Hafiz Ahmad says:

    Gree inverter Ac error u9 display
    Kindly Solve this

  86. Saksild says:

    Gree Lomo 12 inverter model 2016:

    Error code: JF ?

  87. Cheryl Dezego says:

    I have a neo high wall ductless ac and heating system. When i cut it on says E7 on the display on wall unit.i read whole manuel and it does not mention any E7. My remote says 78*f and a clock face says 18:51 which is time. What is E7 and how do i fix it.

    • Anthony Serrato says:

      I had the same problem, looked everywhere for the mythical E7 code (which by the way I have yet to find) and thought was lost until I read the manual again. But this time I didn’t just skim through it looking for a specific thing. Ive got 4 of the Gree Model #: NEO09HP230V1A’s. Whats happening is your trying to run the heat in one room and have the other room(s) cooling or something along the lines of that correct? Well the system isn’t designed to do that. its with one or the other. Either you have to have them all on heat mode, one off and other on heat mode, in my case if i wanted heat in just one room id had to switch 3 off and one on heat, 2 on heat and the other 2 off…..You following the pattern? its just like having an old 2 ton pac unit. Some concept applies. the system is only designed for one or the other.

  88. Gordon says:

    Gree heat pump has code hc and sometimes flashes e7 looked it up and hc means pfc protection what does this mean?

  89. Turki says:

    Hi.. When change my gree to heat mod it’s work then stop and show H3 code.. What’s wrong with that it is a new gree .. Can this problem repair

  90. Tuuli Pennanen says:

    Gree heat pump is working well in our living room but in the bedroom it only shows error code e7 and is totally quiet. What to do??? Help please and thanks!

  91. kenneth foxworth says:

    When on heat have e7 show up and heat will not come on.

  92. Hrvoje says:

    I have e1 error. What should I do?
    Please for fast response. It is cold at home. Thank you

  93. Nick says:

    My one year old gree air con says FO it doesn’t produce hot or cold air please how to fix this?

  94. Nick says:

    Hi there
    Have FO reading no cold or hot air how to fix please?

  95. nina coso says:

    I have p6 error at my ac gree. What should i do?

  96. Ladz says:

    My ac displays H3. What it is and what should i do with it. Thanks

  97. adrian Mijovilovich says:

    Aire piso techo blue star de tres ton da codigo h2.

  98. aamirayaz says:

    My ac gree symble u9 giving what i can do solutin plz

  99. David Eifling says:

    I have a Gree NEO024HP230V1A0 Split type heat pump manufactured October 2015, installed summer 2016. It giving error code U5, which is “AC current detect circuit malfunction”. What do I do?

  100. Antonio says:

    i have C5 error in maquay mqis 36000btuS its a jumper malfuntion but what that means?

  101. Imran Warsi says:

    My gree inverter show the EE
    Please guide me

  102. joe gamble says:

    I have a gree heat pump with a door malfunction (fc) , how do I fix it ?

  103. Henry Seese says:

    Gree ac air-conditioning 18,000btu compressor fail to start. Request what cause failure to compressor not to start.

  104. Jalil Jamal says:

    I have 24000 floor gree air conditioning it djast power led working and the bottom and remote control not working

  105. irfan says:

    dear plz haelp my gree ac 1.5 ton inverter
    showing error PH only….why
    only indoor unit working durring this error

  106. Shah faisal says:

    It’s nice

  107. rizwan says:

    Very good

  108. jay says:

    How to fix f2 error?

  109. Arslan Ahmad says:

    GS18LM8L in this module after turning on E8 error shown on the maine led

  110. A shakir says:

    Dear sir how to solve the problem on gree 2 ton split ac inverter model gwc24kg k30dnb4/I.k3dna5A/o the is display lamps heat 19 time pl plz solve thanks

  111. Azhar says:

    I got 2 installation of gree inverter 1 is working ok and second one is not working.its indicates LP.all connection is ok.can’t find the trouble.please help.

  112. Timmy says:

    From la curacao
    I have gree 18000 btu and showing PH error. How to fix it ? please help!!!

  113. ziyadh says:

    I have gree 18000 btu inverter air condition error corde H7 pls tell me solution.

  114. Bryan Campos says:

    I have an F0 error code. I have read as much as I can and still will not get cold. What do I do? Just bought it today.

  115. Amin says:

    How can I solve this problem H3

  116. James hoschek says:

    Low voltage code PL how do I fix this code

  117. sky says:

    hello sir
    F2 show on indoor LED, what should i do?

  118. ABU SYEED says:

    How to convert the temperature displayed farenheight to centigrade in remote unit?

  119. mujeeb says:

    sir gree ducte type ac eroor h4 chekked all overlod protection and system presseor alldiarect normel after 15 min to display h4 change all senseors and derect overlod change out d pcb but same falt pl replay

  120. raju says:

    sir,how can i solve problem E1

  121. Sriram says:

    What is J9.. what is the meaning and what is the solution for that..

  122. Elie chalhoub says:

    I have gree 12 btu he work properly on heat mode but after h1 defrost I loose the hot air whats the problem?

  123. Elie chalhoub says:

    I have split unit 12 btu its running properly onheat mode but when defrost h1 and start again he stays on heat mode but with cold air
    Whats the problem?

  124. Hazel says:

    We keep getting a code of oE on the indoor unit display. It shuts the unit down and then it will work later. I don’t see this code in the manual. What is it? Thanks.

  125. Kazi says:

    Cassette Ac O. General 2ton indoor unit green light red light blinking what problem.
    It on for same time then it started blinking what problem

  126. Rajiv gulati says:

    Error code on air conditioner display is E2

  127. Greg says:

    I have a 1200 square foot gree mini split showing a U7 code coming up on the indoor unit. how do I repair this?

  128. Vinay Kumar says:

    I have carrier cyclojet 1.5 ac when start ac in display show CL for one minute

  129. Bacoom says:

    I have a problem with my gree ac, few minutes after turning on it displays error F2.
    What should I do?

  130. Mubasher says:

    When start gree invertor when compressor start show PL error

  131. Asif Mahmood says:

    I have gree DC inverter the outdoor unit was at the roof it was laid after a cyclone but it was working there is no gass leaking but now outdoor unit is stopped after a minute I have replaced out for PCB but is same before what do I do ?

  132. ackeem says:

    Helo Help is want I am have three errors on one unity h5,e6 and e1 what am I to do

  133. Farhan says:

    Sir plz tell me how to fix u1 error gree Invertar 1.5 ton

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