Gree Ductless Heat Pump Error Codes

Gree Ductless Heat  Pump Error Codes



 Error Codes   / Equipment Fault   / Possible Causes

C5 / Indoor Configuration Jumper /  Missing Configuration Jumper on Indoor Control Board

LP / Indoor/Outdoor Mismatch /  Indoor and Outdoor Units Do Not Match (Model or Capacity)

E5 / High Current Protection  / Power Supply is not Stable and Voltage Range is too Large

E6 / Communication Error / Mis-wired or Communication Failure

F1 / Indoor Air Temp. Thermistor / Bad Connection, or Indoor Air Sensor Failure

F2 / Indoor Coil Temp. Thermistor / Bad Connection, or Indoor Coil Sensor Failure

F3 / Outdoor Air Temp. Thermistor / Bad Connection, or Outdoor Ambient Sensor Failure

F4 / Outdoor Coil Temp. Thermistor / Bad Connection, or Outdoor Coil Sensor Failure

F5 Compressor Discharge Temp. Thermistor / Bad Connection, or Discharge Sensor Failure

H3 Compressor Overload Protection / Low Refrigerant Charge, Blocked Capillary, or Compressor Motor Failure

H5 / IPM Module Protection / IPM Module Temperature Too High, High Ambient, Low Voltage, or Bad Connections

H6 / Indoor Fan Malfunction / Indoor Fan Stopped or Running too Slow

H7 / Compressor Synchronism / High Pressure, Low Voltage, or Bad Connections

U7 / 4-Way Valve Malfunction / Bad Connection, Solenoid Failure, or Valve Malfunction. ( Heat Pumps Only)

Gree Ductless Heat  Pump MANUAL PDF

Gree Ductless Heat Pump Error Codes

Gree Ductless Heat Pump Error Codes

28 Responses to Gree Ductless Heat Pump Error Codes

  1. bernie gill says:

    I work at Hancock house in west Virginia elderly facility. I need to know how to clear error code h6. Indoor fan malfunction

  2. Lan debrum says:

    where do I find IPM current protection or how do I fix error code h5.

  3. John says:

    HO code means to reset main c/b panel.

  4. Ahmar Ahmar says:

    Aslam o alaikum its very useful I neend to error codes
    Plz send me.

  5. Ahmer says:

    Thanks very helpful

  6. john riley says:

    H7 error code- compressor synchronization- how do I fix it? help…

  7. Joel says:

    How can I fix h5

  8. Tina says:

    H5 is showing up on my unit too…how do I fix it?

  9. cindy cavagrotti says:

    F7 is a error code that keeps popping up. Can anyone tell me what it means

  10. tyler says:

    e7 is showing up on the screen, my unit will not work. anyone have an idea

  11. Ben Jennings says:

    I have two CROWN09HP230V1A and one CROWN12HP230V1A neither of them are heating up my rooms and sometimes a error code of E7 comes up. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas/solutions?

  12. Jim says:

    I have a gree unit and is showing error code H5, how do I repair it? Thank you

  13. Jadie Morris says:

    I have a Gree unit and is showing error code H1, what does this mean?

  14. Mike Walsh says:

    I have 2 units 1 1/2 ton each and I error code oE. Will not run the rest of the day but after shut down overnight works OK. What does it mean?

    • Andy says:

      Mike, Did you determine how to repair the oE error? Or what was causing it?

      • Mike Walsh says:

        No, my installer does not respond after 3 requests. This is April 2, the weather being nice in Tucson I have not run. Cold today and it will not run showing oE. Thanks for messaging. Mike

  15. Jody Elmore says:

    H5. Anybody know what I can do to correct this?

  16. Amanda says:

    I have just purchased a home, with a gree unit, (unsure how old) and all 4 units worked the first night, but on the second it shows error code E3. How do I get this corrected? It will not blow heat at all, only air. Thanks in advance.

  17. Mike says:

    Got a oe error code on gree 1.5 ductless mini split running in heat at 78 deg. Unit shut down with error code for 20+ min reset breaker had no flashing codes

  18. Howard Pigors says:

    got a oe code on a gree 18000 mini split, what does it mean

  19. Randy says:

    I am getting F0 as a code and it’s not listed anywhere?

  20. Juan Irizarry says:

    I have an u5 error code on my Gree single unit. What should I look for when code means AC circuit malfunction. Thanks

  21. Rizwan elahi says:

    I have a gree invertor and now showing H3 error how I shall fix him

  22. David Dice says:

    On really cold nights, single digits my Gree heat pump unit will shut off and show a code U7.
    I can turn it off and back on and it seems to work. Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

  23. Benjie Gomez says:

    H5 appears how to fix it

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