Gree Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

Residential Air Conditioners


C5:Malfunction of connector jumper: Check if the connector jumper contacts properly. If the PCB is to be replaced, please take off the old for the new PCB

F1:Malfunction of indoor ambient temperature sensor:Check if indoor room temperature sensor is connected properly.

F2:Malfunction of evaporator temperature sensor:Check if the evaporator temperature is connected properly.

H1:Defrosting:It is normal

H6:Indoor fan block:Check if terminal of the indoor motor is connected properly. Replace the fan motor or the indoor board if disabled.

Refrigerant system high pressure protection E1

Anti-freezing protection E2

Compressor exhaust high temperature protection E4

AC over-current protection E5

Communication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unit E6

Anti-high temperature protection E8

No feedback of indoor fan motor H6

Jumper cap malfunction protection C5

Indoor ambient sensor open or short circuit F1

Indoor tube sensor open or short circuit F2

Outdoor ambient sensor open or short circuit F3

Outdoor tube sensor open or short circuit F4

Exhaust sensor open or short circuit F5

Over load limit / drop frequency F6

Over current limit / drop frequency F8

High exhaust temperature limit / drop frequency F9

Over voltage protection for PN PH

AC current detect circuit malfunction U5

Compressor reverse protection U4

Over compressor phase current protection P5

Inlet tube sensor malfunction b5

Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction L3

Outlet tube sensor malfunction b7

Door malfunction FC

Compressor overload sensor malfunction FE

Defrosting H1

Static clearing dust protection H2

Compressor over load protection H3

System abnormal protection H4

IPM protection H5

PFC protection HC

Compressor loss step protection H7

Heating anti-high temperature drop frequency H0

Startup failure Lc

Compressor protection against loss of phase U2

Compressor phase current detection circuit malfunction U1

Compressor demagnetization protection HE

Loading EEPROM malfunction EE

Communication failure between main board and driver board P6

Capacitor charge malfunction PU

IPM sensor circuit malfunction P7

IPM high temperature protection P8

PN voltage drop protection U3

Low PN voltage protection PL

Current detect circuit malfunction or Current sensor malfunction Pc

Compressor loss of phase protection Ld

Compressor locked rotary protection LE

IPM over temperature limit / drop frequency EU

4-way valve reversal abnormal U7

Disconnection of the exhaust temperature sensor U8

AC power zero voltage detect error U9

Over tube temperature drop frequency FA

Anti-freezing limit / drop frequency FH

Gree Split Air Conditioner Manual PDF

Gree Split Air Conditioner Manual PDF


10 Responses to Gree Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Matthew harner says:

    Gree 56,000 five tone heat pump. Multi head. What does error code LCP.
    Stand for? Brand new install. Trying to get it started

  2. Rana says:

    E6 what problom

  3. Imran Hassan says:

    please can u about error u5?
    please all errors code send with details
    if possible urdu?
    best Regards

  4. Imran Hassan says:

    all errors codes with details?

  5. onder says:

    please can about errror code oE

  6. Harry says:

    Please advice for error code F2

  7. aamirayaz says:

    Gree2 ton eoror u9

  8. Adam says:

    What is the trouble shoot for F0?? Plx specifiy..

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