Koppel Super Inverter AC Error Codes






Koppel Super Inverter AC

Koppel Super Inverter AC


Koppel Super Inverter AC Manual PDF

45 Responses to Koppel Super Inverter AC Error Codes

  1. Rex says:

    What is EEPROM.IPM.IGBT?

  2. hernan says:

    What main couse
    e of malfunction of outdoor unit
    5TR inverter type koppel

  3. Victor bulintao says:

    What is defective when E1 code is displayed.

  4. Philibert says:

    What should i do if i saw the error code E3 and E5.Please teach me how to repair this error.

    Thank you

  5. Perry says:

    How do you reset the E1 error code?

  6. Rey Capitan says:

    What should i do if f1 and f3 can be seen on the monitor of my koppel super inverter?

  7. Raimdes Ref.And Aircon Service says:

    Thanks at the information about error codes koppel god bless us

  8. Bahram says:

    How do you reset the E1 error code ?

  9. Bahram says:

    how do you reset E1 error code ?

  10. Noel Chan says:

    How to fix p4 error?

  11. Jo Bermudez says:

    My Suoer Inverter AC is just 1 week old and now EC displayed and could not ON/OFF the aircon. I tried to refresh the breaker but still EC code displayed.
    How can we trouble shoot this OR if the A/C is defective, should it be replaced with a new unit?

    • Jerson E. Barrera says:

      Don’t…just consult the service technician that his installed is refrigerant leakaged..becuz ac it definds and compressor leakaged detected.

  12. Rupert Delgado says:

    How do i repair E1 error code,actually we replaced new communication control, but it doesnt work, we replaced also capacitor but it doesnt work also.. is it possible that the main board of outdoor unit is the big problem please send me advice how to resolve this E1 error code.

  13. Jerwin estrabas says:

    What is E6 errorcode?

  14. jinky says:

    Can you tell me about the trouble what particular parts damage of error p2? Thanks.

  15. arnel lozanes says:

    what is E8 code? and how to fix it thanks

  16. Agassi says:

    What is En error code in koppel ac?

  17. Miguela hilario says:

    What is the deffect if error 1 appear.

  18. julius peralta says:

    88 error?

  19. Antonio Raña Jr. says:

    A 5 tonner non-inverter koppel unit displayed an FE code,unfortunately,there is no such code listed,any help & idea regarding this?
    Thank you!

  20. jose tolentino says:

    Outdoor tripping at 3 seconds..amp 6 error ed what is the problem?

  21. air tech services says:

    ive got an EC on my classic dc inverter unit what can i do to solve that problem please thank

  22. Angelo says:

    Good day mga bossing anu po b ung FC n nka indicate s floor mntd unit 3tr inverter…anu po b dpat gwen dun kxe hnd gunagana ung remote dun…thank you in advance mga bossing

  23. benito arreza says:

    bkit po walang outdoor board led lamp display sa E1 error code ng super inverter?

  24. poy says:

    my air-con Koppel 2hp sometimes it turning the lead EC
    what does that mean?

  25. Sampellero says:

    What is tje other problem of EC error code if the refrigerant is ok. İf you reset the breaker the unit the unit will run again..

  26. Edwin Ongayo says:

    Hi Good Day!

    We would like to Ask if what F0 Error Code Means for 3.0TR Floor Mounted Inverter?

  27. Nestor valenciano says:

    How to reset E6 display in inverter AC

  28. Lelanie Lorica says:

    Ano ba yan, bakit di sinasagot ng Koppel ang mga inquiries dito. kase and AC namin wall mounted Koppel super inverter, displays and E3 code. May nagtanong wala namang sagot.

  29. Leo Birondo says:

    how to fix when P4 error is displayed on my koppel AC? thanks in advanced..

  30. Lauro T. Socrates says:

    how to fix E1 error code,where we can buy PCB

  31. Jefferson hingpit says:

    Can you help me what is the parts problem if p1 indecate in ceiling inverter koppel,pls reply thank you.

  32. Ruben delos santos says:

    how to fix when P1 error is displayed on my koppel AC? thanks!

  33. francis loayon says:

    anu p po possible trouble error code kahit pagpalitin n po yung 3 wires . ganun pa din po tnx po .

  34. BAUTISTA JEGO says:

    good day! what is possible cause if the system always E,C.P6?P4? can u pls rply my message!the unit is vrf thanks god bless…

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