LG Ceiling Cassette Error Codes

The function is to self-diagnoisis airconditioner and express the troubles identifically if there is any trouble.
• Error mark is ON/OFF for the operation LED of evaporator body in the same manner as the following table.
• If more than two troubles occur simultaneously, primarily the highest trouble fo error code is expressed.
• After error occurrence, if error is released, error LED is also released simultaneously.
• To operate again on the occurrence of error code, be sure to turn off the power and then turn on.
• Having or not of error code is different from Model.








LG Ceiling Cassette Error Codes PDF – Check Point 

23 Responses to LG Ceiling Cassette Error Codes



  2. Adedokun Nurudeen says:

    please i need your help because one of my ac ceiling cassette gave sign of CH04 how do we resolve the problem

  3. mussa mtangi says:

    i need to know more about your product

  4. chomba says:

    My air conditioning was showing ch04 which means the pump or float is not OK I changed the indoor public and it worked for a day properly the following day it stopped please advice

    • KASSIM says:

      Please check the outlet tube connected to the pump if clogged with mud, also check the gradient of the drainage line. If problem persists change the pic board

  5. ali saleh says:

    if my ac coming c5s1 what mean

  6. Shamnaz says:

    Our ceiling cassete have iceformed and red signal blinked simultaneously also showing thermostat CH. How can solve this problem

  7. Rajkamal says:

    How can check the error code cH 6

  8. Sunil says:

    Its was very use full to me please can u send me the codes and details to my mail id so that it will be use full to my carrier.

    Thank you.

  9. John Meeks says:

    Have lg multi V units. need to know what CH 50 means on t-stat

  10. osei says:

    my ac is showing ch 02 and the red light keep blinking pls what is the problem

  11. rajkamal singh says:

    Cassette unit 36000 btu ac is not working coming Display CH 10

  12. Zamokuhle says:

    CH55,please LG multi v,cassette

  13. Johan says:

    Good morning.
    Can you email me a list of error
    Codes and what the correct actions
    I can do.


  14. darren bradley says:

    I have a LCN245HV fault code 8 x red and 4 x green
    Cant find a reference to that anywhere

  15. Kenneth says:

    I am getting error code 53 signal error . not sure what signal ? any help would be greatly appreciated thank.

  16. Jimmie Wood says:

    The ceiling cassette -LMCN125HV shows a blinking light on the ceiling unit. Turn the power off at the electric box then back on. It works maybe 5 minutes and turns off. What do we do?

  17. md azad says:

    9 time bilinking

  18. Salamat Ansari says:

    Whirlpool AC usme FC likh ke A rha He AC cooling vi krta He

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