Lg Inverter Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Standard Wall-Mounted High-Efficiency Single Zone Systems

LS091HSV System (LSN091HSV Indoor Units / LSU091HSV Outdoor Units)
LS121HSV System (LSN121HSV Indoor Units / LSU121HSV Outdoor Units)


Error code 21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-45-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67

Error code 21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-45-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67


Error Code 1-2-5-6-9-10-12-21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67

Error Code 1-2-5-6-9-10-12-21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67

LSN091HSV and LSN121HSV Indoor Units

LSN091HSV and LSN121HSV Indoor Units


45 Responses to Lg Inverter Air Conditioner Fault Codes

  1. Soumen Adak says:

    Lg is number one company and good service.

  2. sakthi says:

    Vey use full

  3. sakthi says:

    Use full

  4. tronix world says:

    this is very useful information
    thank you very much.

  5. mohammed Ramzan says:

    Use full information

  6. manjoor ali says:

    Lg very good company

  7. prasanta swain says:

    Thank u it is most important

  8. Bob says:

    I have LG BS-Q1865NA0 Inverter V Gen Cool Split Type AC. Recently it stopped working. The green power ON green L.E.D blinks 5 times while the Generactor Mode (Gen Mode) orange L.E.D blinks 6 times interchangeably on the indoor unit. The green blinks 5 times…goes off…then the orange blinks 6 times…goes off. Then the cycle continues. What could be the problem?

  9. Jones says:

    What might be the possible cause of the out door condensercoil overheating.

    • willy says:

      it could be a restricted condenser coil, dirty, blower fan rotation weaken or it run on the wrong way. It could be also due to excessive load in the room where the indoor installed. Sealed the room and avoid excessive door opening.

    • Godgift Edomwonyi says:

      The out door condenser may be due for servicing. try servicing it.

  10. dhanraj narayan says:

    very useful information nice

  11. amar yadav says:

    oll air co error cord plz mail

  12. Bright Phiri says:

    am bright technician from malawi ineed help from your company towards your aircondtioners

  13. Julio says:

    Hi I have error 5 it says communication but all wires are ok what do I have to do?

  14. David Vega says:

    Lg inverter 36 but do not work
    Only flash CH 25
    Please let me know how to reset

  15. Fahim says:

    Lg inverter air-conditioned BS-Q1264NA0 trouble shooting led1(7times)blinking led2(2times)pls what could be the problem

  16. Olayemi lateeph says:

    I’m facing some problem about inverter v, lg split unit, d green light blink 5 times and went off, what could be d problem. pls u reply is highly need.
    another one is that d green light blink 5 times also and orange blink 2 times.

  17. Rajkamal. Singh says:

    LG Duct table unit have problem error CHRISTMAS 10 what the resion

  18. Lorenzo Aquiningoc says:

    LG “wall mounted” Part No. MFL69486201 installed 1x week ago… we had comfort sleep on this morning, then turned off, repeatedly blinks “CH 36” unless I turn it off. When turning back on, it resumes blinking same code. I’ve read the. Operators manual several times an no remedy, nor does the error code list mention a 36 here on this website. Please advise… Puerto Rico here

  19. Rajkamall says:

    I need the full enformation error code LG unit cassette type

  20. Jitendra kumar says:

    Lg service number one

  21. eric says:

    lg inverter s12am flash 8 times what could be the problem

  22. Ravi kohar says:

    I purchased 1.5 ton dual inverter ac of Lg last week and I face huge problems which is after every 15 minutes its compressor stop working and after every 5 minutes it starts working again and sometimes it shows error ch 36 and it consumes 13 to 14 ampers which was too high,do you have any suggestions

  23. Aquib says:

    Lg air condition fault error h6 pleash help me. My contact number 9151517070

  24. Rony says:

    lg is good service

  25. Rashpal singh says:

    in my daul inverteor ac lg with 10 year warrenty showing errior code ch26

  26. Cindy Donley says:

    We have a LG mini split wall mounted combo air conditioner/heater. We had the heater on and it stopped heating. The amber star light is blinking twice and then the green power light flashes once. The blinking lights keep cycling. Model #LS360HV3. We have checked the manual and nothing regarding this issue. Filter, batteries, thermostat all seem to be good.

  27. joseph james mose says:

    our 3 units lg inverter air conditioner model q182cya2 pcb indoor unit blown fuse problem every plug in what causes. any one knows? no shorted wires.

  28. John Florida says:

    Getting a code 38 on my lg smart inverter. What is it

  29. Madoona says:

    Please i bought an LG inverter AC and after installation, it will cool for few hours and write CH38 please what could the problem be? Nigeria

  30. jahesh says:

    im really disappointed with LG. first i bought LG G3 mobile. it lasted only 1 year.

    now recently i bought the highest expensive model of microwave. after 3 months it started showing F11 error. since under warranty i got it back repaired cause was PCB defective. what nonsense…

    now on the same day after a long winter season we put the LG inverter AC i22tqc model on. after a shile it started showing code CH 38 or CH38.

    no where mentioning about this error. only one person told in the forum to clean filter. but after cleaning its the same error.

    LG brand is really really bad.

  31. INTHIYAZ says:

    cassette ac after on the ac will be getting error was red light 5 times after that
    green light 6 times blinking we are unable find error please help.


  32. Shahin Alam says:

    I want a details about of LG inverter ac error code

  33. Andy Gonzales says:

    LSU307HV3- I have a indoor unit that is flashing 7 green and 6 red. The inverter board in the outdoor unit has a solid red light and the green light does not light up.

  34. Barée Lucien says:

    Wat betekent de code CH 38 bij airco LG

  35. Surendra P Patel says:

    LG indoor unit (LMN096HVT} flashing 3 times on cooling and 2 times on heating. what is the problem?(outdoor unit LMU187HV)it will not start

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