Lg Inverter Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Standard Wall-Mounted High-Efficiency Single Zone Systems

LS091HSV System (LSN091HSV Indoor Units / LSU091HSV Outdoor Units)
LS121HSV System (LSN121HSV Indoor Units / LSU121HSV Outdoor Units)


Error code 21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-45-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67

Error code 21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-45-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67



Error Code 1-2-5-6-9-10-12-21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67

Error Code 1-2-5-6-9-10-12-21-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-31-32-40-41-44-46-48-53-60-61-62-63-65-67

LSN091HSV and LSN121HSV Indoor Units

LSN091HSV and LSN121HSV Indoor Units



30 Responses to Lg Inverter Air Conditioner Fault Codes

  1. Soumen Adak says:

    Lg is number one company and good service.

    • Rakhal maharana says:

      Model no JS. Q18PWXA. Problem. Job. Ac. On. Kartau .5min. Sehi se chaltaa eska bata problem ar a out door banda ho. Jata a fir chalu hotaa. Out door

  2. sakthi says:

    Vey use full

  3. sakthi says:

    Use full

  4. tronix world says:

    this is very useful information
    thank you very much.

  5. mohammed Ramzan says:

    Use full information

  6. manjoor ali says:

    Lg very good company

  7. prasanta swain says:

    Thank u it is most important

  8. Bob says:

    I have LG BS-Q1865NA0 Inverter V Gen Cool Split Type AC. Recently it stopped working. The green power ON green L.E.D blinks 5 times while the Generactor Mode (Gen Mode) orange L.E.D blinks 6 times interchangeably on the indoor unit. The green blinks 5 times…goes off…then the orange blinks 6 times…goes off. Then the cycle continues. What could be the problem?

  9. Jones says:

    What might be the possible cause of the out door condensercoil overheating.

  10. dhanraj narayan says:

    very useful information nice

  11. amar yadav says:

    oll air co error cord plz mail

  12. Bright Phiri says:

    am bright technician from malawi ineed help from your company towards your aircondtioners

  13. Julio says:

    Hi I have error 5 it says communication but all wires are ok what do I have to do?

  14. David Vega says:

    Lg inverter 36 but do not work
    Only flash CH 25
    Please let me know how to reset

  15. Fahim says:

    Lg inverter air-conditioned BS-Q1264NA0 trouble shooting led1(7times)blinking led2(2times)pls what could be the problem

  16. Olayemi lateeph says:

    I’m facing some problem about inverter v, lg split unit, d green light blink 5 times and went off, what could be d problem. pls u reply is highly need.
    another one is that d green light blink 5 times also and orange blink 2 times.

  17. Rajkamal. Singh says:

    LG Duct table unit have problem error CHRISTMAS 10 what the resion

  18. Lorenzo Aquiningoc says:

    LG “wall mounted” Part No. MFL69486201 installed 1x week ago… we had comfort sleep on this morning, then turned off, repeatedly blinks “CH 36” unless I turn it off. When turning back on, it resumes blinking same code. I’ve read the. Operators manual several times an no remedy, nor does the error code list mention a 36 here on this website. Please advise… Puerto Rico here

  19. Rajkamall says:

    I need the full enformation error code LG unit cassette type

  20. Jitendra kumar says:

    Lg service number one

  21. eric says:

    lg inverter s12am flash 8 times what could be the problem

  22. Ravi kohar says:

    I purchased 1.5 ton dual inverter ac of Lg last week and I face huge problems which is after every 15 minutes its compressor stop working and after every 5 minutes it starts working again and sometimes it shows error ch 36 and it consumes 13 to 14 ampers which was too high,do you have any suggestions

  23. Aquib says:

    Lg air condition fault error h6 pleash help me. My contact number 9151517070

  24. Rony says:

    lg is good service

  25. Rashpal singh says:

    in my daul inverteor ac lg with 10 year warrenty showing errior code ch26

  26. Cindy Donley says:

    We have a LG mini split wall mounted combo air conditioner/heater. We had the heater on and it stopped heating. The amber star light is blinking twice and then the green power light flashes once. The blinking lights keep cycling. Model #LS360HV3. We have checked the manual and nothing regarding this issue. Filter, batteries, thermostat all seem to be good.

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