Mitsubishi Electric MXZ Series Error Codes

Up to eight different indoor units from the M series and Mr. Slim series can be connected to just one MXZ/PUMY outdoor unit to provide optimal air conditioning that meets the requirements of every room. The 14.0 / 16.0 and 15.5 / 18.0 kW outdoor units operate in cooling or heating mode and can be supplied with a 1- or 3-phase voltage supply.

Outdoor unit failure mode table
2-time flash Outdoor power system
3-time flash Discharge temperature thermistor
4-time flash Overcurrent
5-time flash Discharge temperature
6-time flash High pressure
7-time flash Fin temperature/P.C. board temperature
8-time flash Outdoor fan motor
9-time flash Nonvolatile memory data
10-time flash Discharge temperature

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