Panasonic Split AC Troubleshooting

If your air conditioner does not work properly, first check the following points before requesting service. If it still does not work  properly, contact your dealer or a service center.


Air conditioner does not run at all.

Possible Cause 

1. Power failure.
2. Leakage circuit breaker has tripped.
3. Line voltage is too low.
4. Operation button is turned off.
5. The wireless remote controller or heat pump is malfunctioning.
6. Batteries in wireless remote controller have run down.


1. Restore power.
2. Contact service center.
3. Consult your electrician or dealer.
4. Press the button again.
5. Consult your dealer.
6. Replace batteries.


Compressor runs but soon stops.

Possible Cause 

1. Obstruction in front of condenser coil.


1. Remove obstruction.


Poor cooling (or heating) performance.

Possible Cause 

1. Dirty or clogged air filter.
2. Heat source or many people in room.
3. Doors and/or windows are open.
4. Obstacle near air intake or air discharge port.
5. Thermostat is set too high for cooling (or too low for heating).
6. (Outdoor temperature is too low).
7. (Defrosting system does not work.)


1. Clean air filter to improve the airflow.
2. Eliminate heat source if possible.
3. Shut them to keep the heat (or cold) out.
4. Remove it to ensure good airflow.
5. Set the temperature lower (or higher).
6. (Consult your dealer.)
7. (Consult your dealer.)


Lamps on the indoor unit are flashing.

Possible Cause 

1. Trouble in wiring system

Possible Cause 

1. Contact service center.

Tips for Energy Saving


  • Do not block the air intake and outlet of the unit. If either is obstructed, the unit will not work well, and may be damaged.
  • Do not let direct sunlight into the room. Use sunshades, blinds or curtains.If the walls and ceiling of the room are warmed by the sun, it will take longer to cool the room.
  • Always try to keep the air filter clean. (Refer to “Care and Cleaning”.) A clogged filter will impair the performance of the unit.
  • To prevent conditioned air from escaping, keep windows, doors and any other  openings closed.

Should the power fail while the unit is running

If the power supply for this unit is temporarily cut off, the unit will automatically resume operation once power is restored using the same settings before the power was cut off.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Error Code

32 Responses to Panasonic Split AC Troubleshooting

  1. Nizaam Zahir says:

    pls send me ur Pansonic invertr split rype Air conditioning error code list

  2. frank says:

    Plss what is the possible solution for resetting the aircondition when having timer problem

    • great eagle says:

      whath could b the possible problem when any Panasonic A/c is blinking or flashing the the green light

      • Owen says:

        My case is the same timer light blinking. What seems to be the problem? The a/c will operate for a few seconds n them tiurn off again. Reaetting the circuit breaker wont save the situation.

    • Dave says:

      After few minute of running ie 3 minutes, unit switched off and Leaving the timer led colour orange flashing after thus, cannot power off using remote, I tried reseting the unit by switching on and off the breaker still didn’t come on, Will appreciate your assistance to make it come on.

  3. Rifaie says:

    Hi. My Panasonic Air Conditioner Inverter’s timer’s light is always blinking. I checked and it shows error code H11. Can you help me regard to this?

    • Tajhkumar says:

      Inddo timer light blinking . But out door no working …Hi. My Panasonic Air Conditioner Inverter’s timer’s light is always blinking. I checked and it shows error code H11. Can you help me regard to this?

  4. Adams Olatunde Nurudeen says:

    the airconditioner i driping water inside the room

  5. minchitt says:

    Hi How to check the panasonic error code from remote control.please reply to me.

  6. Meraj khan says:

    Pls send me ur panasonic invertar split ac 1.5 ton out door motar run but compresar are not istartet

  7. Pat jorgensen says:

    Why does my Panasonic inverter AC unit keep stopping with a flashing timer light. I have tried everything with the remote. Ugh so frustrating. It runs a couple of hours then stops with the flashing timer light. The only way I can’t get it to start again is to go outside and sit off the breaker. Please help!!!!

  8. Ihab says:

    Hi, my panasonic 1.5 ton split ac stops after about one hour and then I start it by the remote control then it stops again after one hour and so on. Please help me to fix the problem

  9. Lena says:

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    I found this website as a finest website for hottest updates.

  10. Irfan says:

    How to sovle error code H11. TQ.

  11. Ramy saban says:

    Cannot be on by remote but its working if turn on the power botton on the unit.

  12. Benjie De Jesus says:

    After few minute of running ie 3 minutes, unit switched off and Leaving the timer led colour orange flashing after thus, cannot power off using remote, reseting the unit by switching on and off the breaker, kindly advise how to troubleshoot my split type inverter 1hp. But the other 2.5hp unit beside it works just fine, i use the same remote conrol for the two panasonic split type A/C. We appreciate your assistance.

  13. King Aries says:

    Sir what are the solution may apply to the unit if the indoor fan are functioning and timer is continues blinking panasonic inverter is the brand of A.C what I make to do solve the problem

  14. Sam says:

    How do resolve ERROR CODE H 11

  15. Anandharaj says:

    My AC not working properly it’s an inverter ac it’s showing 0 percent inverter strength and booting so many times , means it’s not at all working good

  16. Craig says:

    My Panasonic Invertor power light flashes green when you turn it on and then the timer light flashes red and the unit shuts down after about 30 seconds. how do I rectify this. I have tried the remote and shut down the isolator to try and reset but not working still.

  17. artchelle says:

    what is the problem if the indoor fan motor will automatically shot off when she operating, but the led light of timer is always blinking.

  18. martin wilson says:

    Timer light flashing on and off
    Newly installed AC unit

  19. Ripan saha says:

    My panasonic inverter ac automatically shut down after switch on and after few moments automatically resart and run few minutes and repeat the same thing again….what is the problem?line voltage 220 voltage issue..

  20. Weena Lim says:

    No air comes out after I press the power button of My Panasonic inverter split type Aircon … power button will turn on but no air, I will have to press the Auto Max button for it to start functioning. What could be wrong?

  21. Ajit paul says:

    Panasonic invater split a.c.error cord

  22. Khan says:

    Panaspnic error code 16
    I tried to press check button amd then down arrow beep comes on 16.
    How to fix…

  23. Alan says:

    My Panasonic inverter zircon unit does not blow hot in heat mode. Any ideas?

  24. Steve says:

    The bottom Flap is fixed in the down position. Even when the machine is turned it does not return in the closed position. How do I get it to work normally again, as staying open when off is not correct.

  25. Nayazkhan says:

    Panasonic ac invertor find not outdoor starting in indoor unit displaying H 11

  26. Lawrence says:

    Panasonic 2 in 1
    1 room is cooling and 1 is not please advise

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