Pridiom Split AC Error Codes

Indicates “dF“or defrosting indicator displays / Flicker 1 time/1s / Hint to defrosting

E1 /Fan motor picture not running / Flicker 1 time/3s / Hint to defense against cold wind

E2/(L2) / Flicker 2 times/4s (Flicker 2 times/8s) / Failure of room temperature sensor

E3/(L1) / Flicker 3 times/5s (Flicker 1 time/8s) / Failure of coiled pipe sensor

E4/(E5) / Flicker 4 times/6s (luminating) / Abnormality of outdoor unit

E5/(L6) / Flicker 5 times/7s (Flicker 6 times/8s) / Without feedback of internal fan motor

E6 / Flicker 6 times/8s / Zero crossing signal without current

E7 / Flicker 7 times/9s / External feedback failure

E8 /  Flicker 8 times/10s / Overheat protection

E9 / Flicker 9 times/11s / Water pump failure

Self Diagnosis Functions

Note:Above self check information is commonly applicable in our most air conditioners,but some are special,

you can refer to the User’s Manual for information or contact the dealer or authorized maintenance people for help.

Inverter Series

Fault display of indoor unit:

F1 – Communicate fault

F4 – Fan motor fault

F2 – Room temp. sensor fault

F3 – Temp. sensor of coil pipe outlet fault

F3 – Temp. sensor of coil pipe entrance fault

F3 – Temp. sensor of coil pipe middle fault

Fault display of outdoor unit:

P2 – Transducer module protection

P3- Over current

P4- Discharge temperature of compressor overheat, ambient temperature overheat

P7 – DC voltage of outdoor unit abnormal

P8 – Leakage or reverse valve fault

F6 – Outdoor sensor fault

FC- Compressor drive fault

Manual PDF

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